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These dress ten million cannot be bought

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  is in costly brand shop, we are very abstinent, think carefully no longer the quantity won't draw out a purse. Can live to resemble an adventure, the mistake always is inevitable: Skinny is not pure wool sweater, costly jeans, the high-heeled shoes that washs the real silk evening dress with respect to shrink, 10 centimeter... shopping cram of failure our a built-in wardrobe or cupboard, draw out however empty our purse. It is to should change this kind of current situation when!   

1, white trousers

Match very hard with other clothing not only, it still loves particularly dirty: When blowing, had better not wear, pet is raised to be not worn in the home, take a bus to also be not worn... anyhow, a season was worn 3 times two only, had not gone out to be imprinted to get on by the dirt of door edge black imprint, should not say more inside foolish label: Cannot machine wash, cannot dry-clean, cannot the hand is washed, not usable brush is brushed. Burned it! Always OK?

2, get wool unlined upper garment high without sleeve

Of course, unlined upper garment of this kind of wool is very beautiful, fortunately such, because its effect is to hang in the self-appreciation in almirah merely: When the weather is hot, be overcome its layer upon layer tall collar, when is the weather cold is gooseflesh on arm? When to wear anyway uncomfortable also.

3, white shirt, black short skirt

Dress expert often admonishs the alleged and basic money that we must want to buy: White shirt, black short skirt, there should be on a few anyhow in the almirah of every girl. But the appearance after we discover we put on these dresses is commonplace to extremely, the star model that also wearing likewise without those is cheesy. Still abandon so!

4, the clothing that the discount makes very low

Shopping failure comes from astute calculate normally. 20 yuan of T-shirts or small shirt, look pretty good still, can be the opportunity missed how? Hit the 1 D&G that fold to grow skirt, girth is like a few fatter... but this has what concern, too value! There are these in our cabinet then bargain and hit imperfectly lose money. Can discover eventually to later, we are not willing to wearing 20 yuan of shirts to go into the street, also do not wish dress is amaranthine outdated trousers goes seeing a client, even if its out VERSACE is familial. Besides send a person them, do we still have other measure?

5, hit those who fold became small beautiful shoe

Wear 37 shoes at ordinary times, a pair when can remain 36 only beautiful short boots. Guide buy a young lady to assure to say this seed coat closes a base very much character to us, pass through more relieved. By " 50% discount " label thorn spent double eye, ground of our be most willing to believed her word. Can be as a result, want to standing only, we are overcome this pair of boots. Come down a few times, despair is changed into anger, this pair of beautiful boots were infiltrated thoroughly limbo -- of a built-in wardrobe or cupboard most in.
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