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Autumn winter underwear wants the United States to want science and technology

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Does   remember him from where the first underwear buys? How long to wear? Is finally when do two aglet show shape of fried dough twist to just be abandoned? Feminine undercloth is full of secret touch from of old, this not, the each series underwear 2008, also allege oneself not only beautiful, still can apply high-tech to let a figure become more lithe and graceful.

Close-fitting temptation can be blocked how

Those who maintain bosom is comfortable it is important to mix two sex appeal is feminine him love index, go up the Daianfen that news briefing of royal Qiu Dong holds in Beijing at the beginning of the month, rolled out comfortable can have both with sex appeal " V - Fusion " series bra, let comfortable in the Qiu Dong 2008 with sex appeal the passion in the paragraph collides, clinking in harmony. Those who deserve attention is, after using new technology, all sticking piece need not oversew, what close-fitting design gives delicate bosom to bring 0 pressure is comfortable, let a bra like skin kind close together joint. "V-Fusion " series suits to install collocation with the evening of low bosom particularly, lamp of production magnesium light gives orders the sex appeal with everybody colourful Jing is alluring, let you always be full of star to walk along the boast person elegant demeanour like red carpet. Individual product still was used exceed design of light gel gasket, can make bosom instant upgrades, bosom looks more full and rich stretch, develop the line of nature soft beauty easily.

Let a figure again aggressive some

In last few years, because fashionable bound is right " S " model the attention of the figure, the model body function of underwear by bring up again. Series of perfect model form includes nature bear hold in the palm, heavy full figure bear hold in the palm and butterfly model side closes, can model attractive curve for you according to your be fond of. Natural bear ask series in order to offer comfortable bear hold the line that holds your nature at the same time in the palm to be a characteristic. And heavy full figure bear hold series in the palm to be passed inside the concentration of buy stabilizes functional mat to effective side is pushed and promote bosom line, focus the effect more apparent, those who present a heavy full figure is curvaceous. Here butterfly model side receives series to be Daianfen's classic butterfly cup form, add high side from alar and outspread to braces, achieve furl and stabilize the effect of flesh of alar go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married, make beautiful side line. In the meantime, bundle of pants of form a complete set can produce the stereo result that carry buttock. So ternary and careful consideration, s lithe and graceful curve is shown clinking.

And the underwear of a lot of brands of 8 years of Qiu Dong, used " V " model exceed design of low backbone heart, buy adds thick side to push pectoral mat inside, the design that type buckles before reaching lets focus the effect line of more remarkable, bosom is more perfect, suit to match line low V to get the dress of the design especially, if show this action to play,will be like concealed high degree of professional proficiency, deserve to go up again backbone heart the condole with fine point is acted the role of or beautiful ruffle, make you casual reveal enchanting temptation.
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