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Tell you a few of bust bodice decontamination small clever court

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  bra is flyblown should clean as soon as possible, time grows more, fibre of besmirch infiltration material, it is difficult to can heal clean.   


Why can the bra become yellow?


Both hands is like when cleaning a bra or bleacher is stained with on washtub, once the bra is contacted can become angry, must take care when catharsis clothings so. Additional, enough clear water was not used after bra catharsis thoroughly abluent, let redundant lotion remain to go up in clothings, same meeting makes the bra becomes yellow. The bra that passes insolation also can appear become yellow phenomenon.


It is gist of common besmirch purify below:

Lipstick or powdery bottom -- with alcohol or volatile dissolvent purify, the lotion watery fluid of reoccupy temperature moderate is cleaned.

Hematic be soiled -- touch tooth brush scrub of lotion watery fluid.

Sweat be soiled -- immerse with rice water water, a little rub washs fullback clean.

Wine -- lukewarm suds is used after immersing with cold water abluent.

Fruit juice -- scatter flour on besmirch, in order to rinse rub is washed.

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