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The woman wants with invisible the bra maintains a distance

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  and invisible the bra maintains a distance

Invisible after the bra comes out, I am mad with joy, 480 yuan one, I bought 3 at a heat.

Invisible the bra uses silica gel material to be made character, very as adjacent as cutaneous color and simple sense, it is stuck on the skin directly, need not fear aglet slips the awkwardness that gives dress place to bring, suit to wearing the collocation when the outfit that show a back particularly, make the elegant curve that gives a woman. So, my plan have the aid of is invisible bra the woman most enchanting is sweet colourful amorous feelings is revealed to the top of one's bent come out, tick off the man's eyeball him body to go up, choose a pair from these eyes next I like most, my meeting and he is everlasting hoary head arrives old.

Invisible the bra did not wear a few days, I discover bosom skin removed erythema, sao is urticant dare not catch again flinch. I was psyched out, run to hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment rapidly. The doctor says, it is invisible the disaster that the bra causes, because quality of a material of silica gel itself is more close together, belong to hypostatic property, many invisible bra ministry has certain ply, airtight; Have again, the glue that relies on inside adheres the bra the skin will secure directly, too as close together as cutaneous contact and without aperture, sweat fluid volatilizes not to go out, bring about local temperature thereby taller, the skin is immersed for long by sweat fluid, very easy and red, Sao is urticant make the skin disease such as eczema or prickly heat even. Bosom skin is very delicate, some people produce osculatory sex dermatitis to glue allergy, the circumstance with occurrence oozy liquid.

After coming home from the hospital, ointment of the daub on my horse, will invisible bra lay aside and neglect. After a few days, erythema subsidise, a stone in my heart eventually be born, the bra that but look at beautiful so much money,buys so be troubled by putting. I feel to feel distressed again.

Later, I consider give a way: Invisible the bra does not suit to be worn for a long time, so I shorten as far as possible dress time, when office worker wears low bosom to show back garment, not be very much after all. If there is Party in the evening, I wear common bra when white sky class, after coming off work, change invisible bra.

such, after ground of my do a job with skill and ease changed dress way, the skin is safe and sound, I am clever

Small stick show:

1, if be waited for for long,be in the environment with higher temperature, do not wear as far as possible invisible bra.

2, wear invisible the skin had better check before the bra allergic to the glue of its inside, if have allergic reaction, must not wear.

3, the woman that bosom has cut, should use after cut heal invisible bra, can lift because of temperature of airtight standoff ministry otherwise make a bacterium grow, bring about cut to affect fester.
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