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Athletic underwear is bosom " shock-proof " daily magical function

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  motion underwear is a kind of underwear dress that can wear communal circumstance, and coruscate of spirit of the person that can show dress, red-blooded appearance...

The athletic underwear with can fixed bosom, shock-proof good effect is already comfortable the dress that goes to the lavatory again. When you put on the athletic underwear that suits you, can have athletic feeling immediately, make limbs gets taking exercise adequately when motion. Motile underwear makes a person mental coruscate, the body is red-blooded.

What good athletic underwear passes paragraph design to go up is strong prop up and complete bosom bring together makes breast and body form whole, secure bosom to avoid well suffer shake an influence, prevent breast to motion cloggy, play complete cotton high to pledge fabrics sucks sweat, heat preservation at the same time, appropriate is promoted at limbs.

Athletic underwear has big, medium, trumpet to distinguish with numerous and different pattern, the choice must be tried on personally when them, whether do so that feel its are fixed,the effect and stretch effect suit him. Appropriate athletic underwear, the person that can make be being worn has athletic feeling, make limbs gets be extendinged adequately when motion, help you drill the good figure with respect to a pair of health.

Of underwear fast match a principle

Underwear not only need cooperates bodily form and mood, match in different situation proper appearance is crucial also. If can combine the design of appearance and material and dress circumstance to wait, with respect to the grade that can reflect the person that dress and accomplishment.

1. Fluoroscopy distributing line is installed

Wearing clairvoyant outfit to be spent to the heavy visual range of underwear is enough deserve to go up of any adjectives. Because itself of this kind of dress lies " halfback " and " evil common " on steel wire. If choice underwear is undeserved, the result is disastrous. Generally speaking, at that time the price of an underwear won't compare appearance absolutely inferior, it is OK to ask beauty is delicate outside wear and do not have catch a cold elegant. What want an attention additionally is color, lopsided color can appear low common is ugly, the choice is the same as what color fastens to match line to be able to make underwear and appearance bring out the best in each other, have the feeling of one integrated mass.

2. Match line to open the clothes that get greatly

This kind of dress is tight design more, highlight beautiful line and attractive cleavage. Plumpish person can add the bust bodice of mat with flank, the person with feeble bosom must be chosen up pulling force is powerful, there is the type of soft mat below. Because need to promote a bosom high point at that time, is not to deepen a cleavage merely, can push only with respect to pectoral diminutive originally tall and the radian that shows a breast. Want to notice to cannot show aglet at the same time, use cup or the 3/4 Dai Mo aglet that won't show aglet model 1/2 cover cup is very appropriate.
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