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Multi-purpose soap uses scour less

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  washs his hands sundrily now fluid, washing powder, complaisant agent wait for in file and emerge, make the indispensable articles for use in daily life.

However, scour is not perfect in that way however. After phosphorous washing powder is discharged, the likelihood brings about the eutrophication of water system, cause alga excessive grow, cause piscine shrimp to die to be polluted with water system in great quantities.

Return some washing powder to add enzymatic, add sweet, add the part such as brightening gent, these chemical material are harmful to human body also, cause the skin easily ageing, coarse, still can cause skin allergy or rash even.

Wash one's hands contain more in fluid alkaline, always wash his hands with it, contact hand ministry skin undisguisedly, the skin that can let softness becomes dry and coarse. The essence that wash clean, complaisant agent and clean the clear lotion such as lavatory agent, it is industrial complex mostly, contain exterior activator and preservative mostly, be opposite not only the skin is harmful, use back row to sea mile of river river lake to still can cause pollution.

And the bases of soap is acerbity natrium of benzene semi-annular jade pendant, it is driven content and plant adipose in abstraction comes out, natural ingredient is more, won't harmful to human body. Even if toilet soap, just also go besides a few impurity in soap, added dot spice just, so toilet soap also is to compare natural catharsis to taste. And, with black kind the sewage of the eduction after catharsis is lesser also to environmental influence.

So, when the clothings that underwear or darling wash especially when washing clothes, had better use soap; Ferial wash one's hands, if not be to touch the besmirch that washs particularly hard, might as well with toilet soap; When brushing bowl or decontamination, can take balata glove, increase decontamination capacity with hot water stronger alkaline can decontamination; To complaisant agent, if not be advanced cashmere sweater or silk kind clothings, common clothing and other articles of daily use uses soap slightly knead, can lucid cleanness.

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