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Spin knowledge: The catharsis of hemp fabric

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The shirt that   hemp fabric makes with flax is more, the following respects should note when catharsis:

1. Choose alkalescent scour

Sex of hemp fibrous alkali resistance is better, use contain the fabric of hemp of alkalescent scour catharsis with enzymatic cellulose, can make the its surface level off, smooth, soft, facial expression that protects fabric oneself, have the effect with whitened decontamination.

2. Catharsis fluid temperature cannot exorbitant

The chromatic sex of hemp fabric is poor, catharsis temperature is exorbitant and easy cause fabric fade, make its lose original colour and lustre. It is advisable that general catharsis temperature chooses 40 Celsiuses.

3. Knead, do not wring pigheaded

The cohesion of hemp fabric is poorer, if the place when catharsis uses strength too big, can make the constituent structure of fabrics produces displacement, make hemp fabric easy and cottony. When using washing machine catharsis, water quantity wants a few bigger, want to be washed gently, time for drying wants short, can reduce the attrition between hemp fabric and container wall thereby, rise to protect fibrous action. Should avoid to wring when full pigheaded, cause fabric organization easily to produce slippage to be out of shape otherwise, affect its exterior result. Time for washing shoulds not be too long, with 10, 15 minutes advisable.

4. Blanch should immerse complete

The organization of hemp fabric is thicker hard, when be being blanched accordingly, should immerse as far as possible even, can use the natrium of second chloric acid of 2% to blanch fluid to immerse 20 minutes below normal temperature first, next reoccupy clear water is washed clean, undertake with brightening gent whitened processing.

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