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Underwear too " vogue " health should be hit fold

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  underwear is vogue most " close-fitting " seasonal. From fine invisible the condole belt, magic bust bodice that deserves to have gasket, stretch tight closely bundle of body underwear, to compose the man with the t-shaped pants by the side of full Lei Sihua, tight bounce makes the same score crural pants, when people is sexier and sexier to the requirement of underwear, trendy, however oversight subsequently and the healthy secret worry that come.

The expert reminds, underwear choice is undeserved can bring about inflammation of humeral neck ache, skin, mammary gland, department of gynaecology, breath not free and male spermatozoon vigor fall low problem, draw this to love the United States but a chain of trouble thes loss outweights the gain.

Bust bodice piece: Take the bust bodice issue that unlined upper garment causes by condole

Go in street, the feminine everywhere of unlined upper garment of the belt that wear put in a fur lining is. The thought that they spend on underwear is not little: Bring conflict to do not carry the lift up or let down with a rope of unlined upper garment with condole, the cotton qualitative aglet of bust bodice was changed transparent plastic aglet; Want to highlight plump breast and cleavage, change magic bust bodice, originally A cover cup fills up inside foil below, became B even Ccup; Use the meat of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married of abdomen of bundle of waist of body garment cloak, although wear,rise uncomfortable, what to calculate again for beautiful hardship? Little imagine, the problem arises from this.

Plastic aglet is insufficient force, humeral neck ache comes subsequently

The flower can be in the ground 9 yuan the redemptive plastic aglet on booth, with cotton qualitative aglet photograph wants to be differred more of course than quality. Putting on a body is not be slack and perfunctory, want closely to be strapped into the skin namely. Time grew, mammary prolapse, be out of shape do not say, cause humeral neck ache possibly still. Sanitation of women and children of communal and wholesome institute is Zhongshan university Mr. Li Xiugong says, wearing fine and close aglet for a long time, can increase the pressure with cervical shoulder, surround plump woman to going up especially and character, can cause cervical vertebra strain even.

Bust bodice affects mammary gland function and respiratory system too closely

A lot of women appear plump and strong to let a breast, often choose a bit smaller bust bodice, added inside the magic bust bodice of mat or it is bundle of body garment. But paid enormous price for this however: Bust bodice is small, redundant adipose press press arrives with respect to meeting shift arm, shoulder, armpit is coarse place, create the upper arm fat, breast is out of shape. "Breast of intended extrusion block up is influential also to mammary gland function. " Li Xiugong expresses, after body of canal, gland is oppressed, the gland of mammary gland is caused absorb bad, the likelihood brings about mammary gland tubercle or mastitis, woman of pregnant woman, lactation wants to notice especially. Bundle body clothes is older to mammary development influence, it is normal to can restrict adolescent girl breast development sends mammary gland function to degrade. Additional, wear tighten bundle of jacket to still can reduce heart pump blood, lung to breathe a function apparently, cause the unwell symptom such as breathing difficulty, dizziness.
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