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Underwear too " vogue " health should be hit fold

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Security of bust bodice of chemical fibber material not beautiful

From the point of the environmental protection security of textile, institute of art of college of Hua Na agriculture Dean Fan Fujun assistant thinks, the material of close-fitting underwear must have good moisture absorption permeability. "Human body sebaceous glands, sweat gland has secretion, if underwear does not absorb drenched gas, the body falls for a long time at lukewarm, wet condition, the bacteria lives very easily, progenitive, cause skin pathological change thereby. " according to introducing, what at present many underwear use is chemical fibber material, be like nylon (namely polyamide fibber) , black silk ribbon of polyester fibber, acrylic fibbers, ammonia, polyvinyl alcohol fibber, polypropylene fibber, polyvinyl chloride fibber, although Yi Xi is easy,maintain appearance, but security is poorer, wear the easy occurrence erythema, papula anaphylaxis after the move, serious meeting produces glowing feeling, Sao damage of urticant, skin, form consequence of purulent of infection, canker then. "Even if a few outer the underwear that is pure cotton, add possibly also in interlining bubble, plastic or other complementary makings, same meeting affects health, consumer should enquire carefully when buy and differentiate. Consumer should enquire carefully when buy and differentiate..
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