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Pregnant woman underwear " big " have knowledge

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Hormonal urgent revulsion is changed inside body of the mother between   bosom pregnancy, bring about be pregnant maternal bodily form is changed apparently; The markeddest change is because bosom and abdomen are fetal grow and increase. So the choice of underwear should stress a choice bouncy reach bear ask force good, and the underwear of material softness, in order to reduce the burden of spinal, abdomen and bosom.

The change of bosom

By be pregnant begin, inside body hormonal secrete generation change, mammary gland amount and develop rate increases gradually, make bosom increasingly puffy; After about 5 months, bust bodice measures added about or above measures, at the same time abdominal Yi Yiming shows apophysis; Be pregnant about after 7 months, about two size increase when bust bodice comparing was not pregnant, at the same time the distance of the tit increases ceaselessly; The bosom before production increases degree to be decelerated instead. When day of the 2-3 after production, galactic begin to secrete, mammary gland is farther outspread in order to get used to the physiology demand of lactate, make the breast swells subsequently. Postpartum a month, the breast can be answered gradually to be pregnant the size when 7 months, as a result of the adipose drop off between mammary gland, make bosom gives the case that shows prolapse, hello feed mother milk can make body easier reply.

In pregnant initial stage, because mammary quickness is puffy, pregnant woman can feel mammary ache and breast are dizzy particularly sensitive. For slow of the breast bilge the painful keenly feel that reach acid, pregnant woman can undertake the breast nurses everyday reach massage tit breast, quicken haemal circulation.

Abdominal change

Because grow fetally,adipose layer increases the protection of palace of the defensive wall or stockade surrounding a village that reach a bag thick, increased celiac volume, the abdominal meeting of pregnant woman is fast and so puffy as date, accentuated spinal the burden with lower limbs, make pregnant woman often is bending a body, produce lumbar backache and ankle dropsy easily. Arrive postpartum before long, meeting response comes the uterus be pregnant the size of 7 months, but be located in next abdomen to use as originally the fluidity of protection uterus is adipose still exist.

Postpartum underwear chooses notice

Because be pregnant,earlier breast becomes sensitive, need special protection, should choose to have so enough bear hold force, flexibility and soft and comfortable underwear in the palm, enlarge degree in order to get used to bosom. Dress wants with comfortable and comfortable give priority to.

By till,be pregnant 5 months inside this paragraph of time, grow fetally for spinal bring a burden, want to choose the bust of special clipping so, be designed like complete cup and inside group of Tibetan metal steel, conduce strengthens pair of bosom bear ask force. Divide this beyond, the choice of briefs also needs to choose to have oak anything resembling a tendon or vein, the campaign that has stretch cloth to make uses bundle of pants, in order to strengthen support bear hold in the palm fetal reach protective the small of the back. The metal that chooses nevertheless is indispensible suck sweat to breathe freely, in order to maintain Gan Shuang. To get used to the change of abdominal bulk, do not purchase bundle of too loose or too close pants.
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