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Avoid very hot dress to may cause cancer

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  consumer is greeted instead autumn since each bazaar is in sea area sell like hot cakes avoids very hot dress, but hear avoid very hot dress to may cause cancer, do not tell this version correct.

Interviewed relevant expert with respect to the problem reporter of Mr Cui. This expert says, alleged avoid very hot, the flexibility that basically adds clothing fabrics namely and anti-creasing quality, make stability of exterior flatness, dimension maintains after dress catharsis. To achieve this kind of result, dress should undertake in machining a process colophony is handled commonly, and majority colophony arranges an agent is N, compound of amine of hydroxide formaldehyde acyl, they are arranged in fabric, dress is made and go on a journey can be released to leave formaldehyde in dress use process. He says, sell in the market at present a few avoid launder content to return short of state specified standards. If avoid very hot dress to arrange the formaldehyde in the agent to exceed bid, wear formaldehyde for long to exceed the dress of mark, can cause chronic respiratory tract disease, conjunctivitis, sore throat, asthmatic, bronchitic wait for a disease; Bring about irritability dermatitis, gastritis, hepatitis, finger and fingernail hair painful wait for disease, cause cancer possibly even.

Origin: Daily of Hu Lunbei Er