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Wash clothes water is warm 40 degrees most can decontamination

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The dress is washed to often want to be washed beforehand in Home   . When be being washed beforehand, OK and pure immerse with water or join scour to immerse. Its purpose depends on making water sufficient soak clothings. After depth of water enters fabric fiber, can dissolve the contamination of water-solubility, reduce the dosage of scour thereby, enhance abluent efficiency.

Of contamination deliquescent have a process, should give out one paragraph immerses time, but not be to immerse time grows better more. Time is too long, deliquescent contamination may pollute clothings once more, reduced wash the effect beforehand, how to wash even wash sordid. A lot of people have such experience, always the dirty clothes with long bubble, although wash,come out, also have one share peculiar smell.

Additional, the clothings material that we wash differs character, be like substandard of silk, wool, cotton, flax besides natural fiber, the use of chemical fiber or synthetic fibre is very general also. Not only natural fiber is met metamorphic, shrink, some chemical fiber also can produce this kind of change, comparing clear case among them is acetic acid fiber, propylene fiber. In the water that contains alkalescent scour, this kind of change occurs more easily. So, think clothings is before mechanical catharsis commonly, immerse beforehand 20, 30 minutes OK also.

The water Wen Ye that washs the dress is not to iron better more. All sorts of we are commonly used containing enzymatic washing powder, among them enzymatic preparation basically has alkalescent egg white enzymatic with alkalescent lipase. Alkalescent albumen is enzymatic use at decomposing protein kind contamination, the be soiled that be like sweat, blood be soiled. Alkalescent lipase criterion main effect reachs its ester at fatty acid kind contamination, namely what we indicate normally is smeary kind. Two kinds of enzymatic active discretion and temperature are concerned, about 40 ℃ are suit most. Temperature crosses tall or too low metropolis to reduce enzymatic active.

Next, protein has denaturation. Its are remarkable the feature is protein caky, dissolvability is reduced significantly, after the egg is thoroughlied cook caky it is. Causing one of metamorphic conditions is high temperature. The albumen on clothings kind contamination can be likewise such. So, if wash clothes when water is warm exorbitant, can make them metamorphic and caky on fabric fiber, thereby more hard abluent.

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