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2009 fashion colour of Chunxia Asia dress trend of 3 big themes

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After 2008 Olympic Gameses of     pass, people appears more knew this broad world, know what oneself want, begin to seek a kind of pure, plain, shirt-sleeve perception.

Theme of this second draft resolution is regression and confluence, regression arrives before the thing that we like all the time, in the meantime, we long to pass communication in order to raise ego. The design of dress to pure develop with sleek neuter style. In the meantime, broke seasonal concept, the measure that in Chun Xia season adopts high-tech lets frivolous fabrics appear massiness.

Paper is one of 4 big inventions of Chinese, the agency that it once regarded a kind of materialize as is acting important role in the communication of people. We served as inspirational origin with paper 2009, extend the communication of paper, the not coessential feeling of commutation paper, the color that produces paper behaves force, provide more vast space, using the difference of simple sense to behave feature of different colorific disposition also is one of original intention of this second draft resolution.

One of themes: Simple poetic flavour

Too swift and violent city changes a footstep, be in people imperceptible in, lead a kind helpless implicit. There am me in you, there are you in me, the urbanism mode of common of duplicate fawn on makes a man of insight feels panic and wearily. Yearn for simple life then, pursue simple happiness, release pressure, the life idea with depressed untangle will make people scramble for sth. Because of this theme in order to refuse additional kind, reach with famille rose give priority to color to move without color, choose inferior the writing paper made from bamboo of the soft rice paper of smooth simple sense and massiness regards inspirational graph as material. The paper folding effect such as pane, drape, massiness, cascade, joining together, it is urbanite turns over uncut jade to return true, advocate rural intuitionistic and enunciative.

Of the theme: Natural and video

Human vision already was surrounded by many video information place today, the advent of interpret blueprints times is with take a picture and presswork flying development of the technology is inseparable. The video extract that basically chooses paper of graph of lattice of 4 kinds of photograph, black-and-white, watercolour and printing machine so main material that shows as inspirational chart, in order to behave video the significant position in contemporary society and its aesthetic to people colour profound influence. Additional, in science and technology of all-time prosperity today, the desire that people wants to be close to nature is increasingly strong, and the buildup as environmental protection consciousness, natural look also will have more and more important place in prospective market, it is a foundation with nature, pile up into linage video reductive. So this group colour is given priority to with containing grey glaucous mix, and with flaxen serve as an ornament with powdery purple.
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