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Shed travel pullover amorous feelings when season

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  every are seasonal, every time tide, have a theme with apparent or apparent not very actually, this theme is very welcome getting a person, also be everybody can is close to touch. For instance the theme this year, look much can sum up come out, it is the garment unlined upper garment that covers type, no matter handsome young man, no matter beautiful female, pullover just is to just appeared, firm refresh, provide most representative, most can crushing that cosset of all imposing manner. Of course cardigan also can have, nevertheless that is greenery, with will foil of strange flower of full garden fragrance.

Light clothing unlined upper garment, wave rise, contain a kind of flow and fluent aesthetic feeling. Garment unlined upper garment has formfitting Tuo Tie and harmony, OK also and sedulous comfortable, that also is a kind leisurely and comfortable outside cheesy. The short sleeve vest with qualitative gauze, cotton cloth is central target with covering, the lock decides baby form, go up a bit small, transfer to work at the grass-roots level or to do manual labor in the countryside or in a factory is old, take A glyph slightly, set again with lacy, drape, mount bead, steamer and princess written guarantee, appear babyish, lively.

Many of skirt or condole belt, connect body skirt section, the flower leaves everywhere, color Qing Li is trenchant. This flower already transferred to go up to dot and circle from daisy and fine cane, also have auspicious cloud and pictographic. Pen of rise and fall no longer feeble, however do one's best is fruity and full. Those who connect body skirt entirely is short, it is as dry as a chip straight body no longer. Length spreads incontinently no longer again, stop decisively laggard, begin to develop a wonderful sections and chapters in limited space, this ability is the skill of maker and the hope of the person that enjoy. The female skirt of 2008 with short for flourish, leave with bitter fleabane for novelty, collar is whole if Beijing welcomes your city gate,leave greatly.

Of course sportswear also is it is in order to cover first, one wipes a bosom, the chalaza that 2 abdomen wrap up, the coat like an apron, either before show even if hind empty, such " unique " , the charm the schoolgirl is clever push to the climax.

Those who match pullover is trousers mostly, hot pants is perfect, bull-puncher skirt, sarong is perfected, short foot pants is more lovely have add. Still having is trousers of old trouser legs, use a heart so, such swagger through the streets-blatantly seek publicity, pioneer of vogue of sweep anything away, also be the heart and vision those who go up write down shake. Most the collocation that lets a person feel comfortable is: Pants of render of a black, maintain his composure in short skirt and lumbar morbid the ground is existing, you can say she is skirt outfit, say pants outfit is right also actually. Such amlposition, mix build, multivariate, not be she is worn amphibolously, be eyewitness simply you have no more arguments temporarily.
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