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Exceed a model newly to spread out Xin Qiudong

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  the new face that they are model bounds, also be the new role on picture of advertisement of this one season, stylist chooses them to hold the position of the carrier of fashionable dress of this one season, new trend of Jiang Qiudong travels through them.

The topic about model New Face almost each season should be carried, the new list of this Qiu Dong was updated again. Of these future exceed a standard some had been called to exceed a standard, they are new new cosset of one season advertising, have the power that drives a trend. It is stylist not only, cameraman people the carrier of fashionable dress of new to these season also is having quite high demand, limbs must perfect gift dress outline perfect appear, face more want to be able to denounce editor, client and fashionable dress to confuse people like, the most important is individual temperament of course want with when season trend conform to. Let us look can represent this season these face of aesthetic tide.

Karlie Kloss beautiful style is lively and optimistic

Be born in the Karlie Kloss 1993 to appear in together in 4 with pure and fresh girl attitude in a year and other boy girl " Teen Vogue " , this lets a reader very hard also do not remember this face perfect Chicago girl, and in fact this ballet girl more what be by person is that pair of eccentric and bright eyes, because Karlie Kloss has the single-edged eyelid with a pair of not common Hesperian,that is, " Teen Vogue " became 3 people special issue for she and Ali Michael, Chanel Iman even, will film by Patrick Demarchelier photograph.

And now, do not have a few with what those children of her partner have his moment at the outset, she has used us however the mature appearance appearance that within an inch of recognizes not to come out, in fashionable dress Zhou Shanglian takes 30 show, include 3.1 Phillip Lim, Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Viktor &Rolf, Sonia Rykiel, Custume National among them. Exceed modular Tyra Banks to mock her " the gait o fan actor or actress in Beijing opera is too slow and groggy, the angle of the head also must make a person uncomfortable quite " , but stylist people still love this piece of New Face very much, for instance MarcJacobs lets what she did deputy card Marc By Marc Jacobs press an axis, carolina Herrera comes by her again begin, doo.Ri is head end sweep the deck, of the Gucci on week of Milanese fashionable dress the little girl that pressing an axis also is this ability 15 years old. Magazine field need not say more, by her " Editorial Superstar " the fact that the title is located in top position namely.

The advertisement that this season Karlie Kloss receives has Lord of American well-known department store&The Taylor, Topshop that exceeds a model to film together with another black is illuminated forcedly and the Gap advertisement that as fashionable dress new Icon films. Many brands realize this year should " flattery " youth, bring about many advertisement model to change blood greatly so, for instance Lord&This Taylor season changed Jacquetta Wheeler, with on one batch of new face, among them the newest blood is Karlie Kloss, the little girl breath that the client says frankly to like her very and optimistic, the element with hope young and new by means of lets company image be young even Teenager place loves, let her be in so warmth of such family of a group of expression are acted in the photograph of occasion sweet the part of the heart.
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