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New attitude of vogue of unlined upper garment of wool of knitting of 08 autumn

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The knitting wool unlined upper garment with coquettish   is a most close treasure in this season all the time. Its soft tactility, its 100 falsification, its practical function, its 1000 charming 100 fawn on, be deduced in the Chu Qiu this year more incisively and vividly. Stylist people the design inspiration of a powerful and unconstrained style is jumped to move by one by one go up in wool unlined upper garment, the unlined upper garment of the design that see form, gorgeous colour, wonderful broadness wool of of all kinds that waits without number a moment makes you dazzling. Let us walk into the dream myth that this braids by wool unlined upper garment together, those who go experiencing wool unlined upper garment to bring is wonderful experience.

A creates V-neck opening

Stylist people play in the collarband of wool unlined upper garment removed building frame, flowerpot is gotten come back in this Ji Youliu travel, or stereo or hang down the design elite place that suitable collarband design is wool unlined upper garment. The neck is in your slender beauty this autumn clear but person.

B barpque broadness

The broadness of unlined upper garment of the wool like the enchanter that resembles haing Li Bote in today autumn got magical evolve. The exaggerative and unusual trial that see form your clad ability. Tie-in and luxuriant and marked deserving to act the role of is clever choice.

C melting lotus leaf

Be current of this one Ji Tian beautiful wind as before, the falbala drape with the visible everywhere on wool unlined upper garment is stereo and vivid. The front part of a Chinese robe or jacket of edge of collarband place, cuff, bosom shows the endless amorous feelings of melting young woman in detail etc

Zebra of D strange interest

The zebra grain design of haggard gout sends out natural amorous feelings, fashionable and restore ancient ways to be in together. The jackknife that congener design should put an end to on the alternative that unlined upper garment of this kind of wool is leaving half body dress appears.