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High-grade and fashionable stylist embraces high-tech times

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  this year Xia Chu, blackmarket of the White House of woman dress shopkeeper (the popular trend of White House Black Market) and notional controller Gianfranco Zani are in for the company dress will seek a concept Summer 2009. A trend that he entered fashionable industry to roll out forecasts website style line of vision (Stylesight) .

Mr. Zani browsed sample of galley proof of picture, article, color, fabrics to reach a few draft, he concludes, next year shopper may like a kind " blue " tonal, grey - green, purple takes some of pink, design returns to sandglass outline, fabrics imprints on artificial grain. Blackmarket of the White House belongs to Chico ' S FAS, this shopkeeper begins to design autumn dress set according to these trends now.

In come for years, stylist costs a long time to study popular trend out-of-the-wayly, fashionable now stylist people begin to embrace high-tech online tool. Because vogue is periodic more and more will jump over short, stylist people the hope adopts the design that arranges a competitor, discover popular trend, they go up in the net experimental color, fabrics and design effect. The trend is forecasted releasing is stylist people the way that counts in 40 years, they discover new popular trend from which, now, the website releases a trend to forecasted the business that is them to provide support, the website can release real time video and photograph, can download draft and design, still have cooperation and design tool.

Presiding apparitor Frank Bober says fashionable line of sight: "I like to complete these works with different method, the website can be accomplished now. He ever worked 30 years in shop of a dress. He established this company 2003, his website will be in this month roll out a new visual sense.

The website of fashionable industry also is attracted at the same time a few investor and trade business. Fashionable line of sight is his the library that 1000 clients provide a 3 million picture, these clients include Macy ' S, target, victoria ' S Secret and Liz Claiborne. Picture content from dress picture, arrive from fashionable dress show, bazaar street, and the inspirational snapshot such as the scenery. The picture has label and index, convenient the person that use is searched. Stylist can find acting 1970 printing skirt, the jeans that Amsterdam woman is wearing now. Fashionable line of sight still offers a few galley proof, download for stylist and use, the draft that stylist can upload themselves or fabrics. Subscription charge of a year is 20 users 15, 000 dollars. (news of Chinese spin network member Cao Haigong stalks of grain only)

Origin: Chinese spin net