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Fictitious dress show is aided push fashionable dress sale

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  as the network the development of fictitious community, more dress brands and old brand brand shop begin to roll out the online sale service that is aimed at a youth, attract them to try fictitious dress, in order to drive the sales volume of the dress below the line, their hope is fictitious reveal a meeting to have more powerful than traditional advertisement appeal.

Fictitious dress, 100 change along with the heart

Cole the department store rolled out new fund dress recently, but the sale in 957 store that these grid skirt and printing T-shirt did not leave in company division, the fictitious community that put youth place to have deep love for however " star is sent " ( on, the fictitious money that they can use this website " star money " the fictitious figure that will be oneself buys fashionable dress.

Inn of the first net rolled out his " Ai Bidao favour " series, this series by rock and roll demon Ai Wei take on stylist. In 16 original days, of Cole " star group " high-quality goods inn is measured with respect to the visit that has 2.2 million, sell gave 1.8 million commodity.

It is early by July, dress is retail get army Xi Ersi holding company is in the enterprise the inn of the first net on green website opened business formally, marketing courtyard sends dress and dormitory furniture. Up to August the middle ten days of a month, its visited a quantity to had been achieved 750 thousand, sell gave 850 thousand fictitious kinds or types of goods. Subsequently, recreational dress produces business matchless power and underwear stylist Ai Bijie are above also rolled out fictitious dress.

Eberjey of brand of American famous underwear basically is 20-45 year old the lady between supplies underwear, swimsuit and night clothes, the fictitious dress that it is expecting to be able to pass its attracts more youth. "One of sales promotion methods that letting product of consumer try out is us " , the finance of Eberjey is in charge of Carlos · is beautiful fine say. Company of Jiessie Pan Ni also made a by a definite date in the light of network shop last summer 7 weeks test, in this paragraph of day, the fictitious figure that has 1.5 million put on the fictitious dress that Yahoo website offers. Accordingly it decides to send the institute dress be put to Yahoo to sell this year.

The fictitious figure in the website besides can put on dress, still can have different behavior and relevant human concern, american dress firm rolled out fictitious dress early before two years. What have distinguishing feature more is, some websites had offerred what the line leaves dress to buy a link.

The business chance below the line on the line is ceaseless

"The speed when your advertisement that browse is quite fast " , vice president of mart of Xi Ersi whole world · Whitman says Zhennifu, "But dress chooses in fictitious community when you when, speed is met slow a lot of " . She wants to reduce TV advertising investment now, and the market estimated network of 15% minutes of admeasure, under photograph comparing, network advertising portion did not pass last year is 5% just. The company advertises in the fictitious shop that he is on the call-board of fictitious ad community, still be in end rolled out his in August the vogue of dress sales promotion of fictitious dress is beautiful.
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