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The latest fashion is popular 2009 trend 7 big themes

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    the latest fashion is popular 2009 the 7 big themes of the trend, simple, contracted, concise design is not the vogue of a kind of fleeting, a kind of when after the mankind is explored for a long time, search afresh however hopeful person organisms' habits is spent. This article originates spin resource, ask each netizen to input spin resource to examine directly in the browser directly.

A. "Brief " creed

Simple, contracted, concise design is not the vogue of a kind of fleeting, a kind of when after the mankind is explored for a long time, search afresh however hopeful person organisms' habits is spent.

A rainy city, a quiet woman. Incline the head listen respectfully pitter-patter, pure and fresh clay flavour waves with the wind medicinal powder. Abrupt, all blatant by ignore and forget. Everything appears so pure and fresh, the longing in the heart is released indefinitely, be just as thoroughly remould oneself. She opens double arm, embrace this to be full of surprise, cheerful moving world to the top of one's bent. The inspiration of stylist originates such only beautiful picture. Clothing lines is fluent, elegant, handsome quality and natural. Of stereo clipping free from worry with make the same score the accurate photograph tie that reduce, the contrast that uses quality of a material and profile communicates that not to have place cabined. Stylist uses material of natural silk, hemp to pledge, undertake its overlay according to not coessential feeling. Black, white, gray is chosen to come on colour protruding shows rain after medium, rain whole and tonal, showed a city to us from hazy the process of this one gradual change to clarity.

The inspiration of stylist originates 18 centuries the British Industrial Revolution of 60 time, focus the central issue at a group that is ignored the most easily at that time: The average worker of social ground floor. What what they are wearing is practical, spell able, concise but decent dress, can say the embryonic form that is modern dress. Of hemp of khaki, cotton cloth, silk, silk apply, match with a few simple but elegant light, make whole set looks lighter. In detail respect, stylist also shows originality, apply the geometrical structure line that industrial machine extend the meaning comes out at that time to make an ornament, make we as if place oneself bangs at be full of industrial machine the British factory of song.

B. "Former zoology " naturalistic

Mystical nature gave us the resource that Lai Yisheng puts not only, still gave us precious mental money. Only pure and immaculate nature ability breed gives pure heart. Pure and fresh and real plain sense cooperates stylish vanward advance guard, naturalistic change again with guileless boundless attitude infuse arrives in fashionable life.

"The sea " one of themes that are human dug eternity. To the mankind character, deep-sea the veil that medium queer live thing always is cheating a mystery. Stylist analyses marine biologic external form from distinctive three-dimensional and stereo angle, catch the trends of shark and other abyssopelagic fishes. In the meantime, the appearance of grain skinning texture on marine biology body also is the inspirational origin of stylist. In fabrics choose on, stylist chooses burnish meticulously the chemical fiber with the crude silk knit goods that bright-coloured, comfortable bright slips and feel softness, bright colour and lustre, again with the circle bead piece, copy pearl and paillette make an ornament, marine biology smooth skin skins expression gets incisively and vividly. On the processing of biology grain, stylist is right of drape of disparate arrangement of ideas apply neatly also showed this one result fitly.
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