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Trend of 08/09 bull-puncher popularity sees a drop greatly: Color restores ancie

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After   passes mid-autumn, although autumn wind has not blown too much cool idea, but also arrived transhipment of through cargo of change garments according to the season when, regard the most welcome the four seasons on the world as one of applicable cloth, bull-puncher has become Qiu Dong's requisite to a lot of people. So, to bull-puncher, how much do you understand after all? That asks you to join the force of our bull-puncher!

2008~2009 year big hotspot of bull-puncher popularity trend

Bull-puncher popularity trend was having branch of countless popular trends 2008, a little special new hectic fever is hot, some are the regression of past tide, but still get customer love, the key is the bull-puncher amorous feelings that how we apply popular trend to let our show extraordinary.

Color: Nearly two years, popular main color is earth color or natural colour and lustre, for example coral, bricky color, wheat is lubricious, bottle green and sootiness are blue. In the weft of the jeans mix into makes into color fabrics generation and the color effect that differ before. Gray and black continue to have important place in bull-puncher market -- ― especially sterling black, dust-colour and grayish.

And marble decorative pattern and plunge into catch blanching is more the idea of halfback, outfit of joining together cowboy and chromatic joining together also are brand-new drop.

Restore ancient ways: Bull-puncher restoring ancient ways still is the mainstream; In the concise, simple look that passes many popular s surname after bull-puncher agitation, classical wear away design, tool money, grind mark greatly paragraph begin to occupy position.

Flashy: Flash nowhere is not in the effect, handle bull-puncher from the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics of implicative floodlight, calendering bull-puncher arrives to do processing of the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics to achieve faint and flashy result to a few yarn only... the influence that this is lubricious popularity of metal of before getting a few season.

Artistic effect: We had seen a lot of watercolour in beautiful field, splash-ink, paint, copy rust slash design... this is merely among them one fraction. In future a few season, it is met predominate is rolled out more popular more fashionable design. Be contaminated, cloud grain effect, charcoal mark bull-puncher is those who constitute artistic effect is additional a few popular trends. Bull-puncher printing in recent years more and more important, for example squares formed by crossed lines of animal printing, stencil printing, color and exceed good-sized printing.

Taste design: The novel pattern interest on bull-puncher is full, to group of young individual character especially charming. A few fresh and interesting ideas include flower restoring ancient ways to go all out stick design and bull-puncher embroidery. Nostalgic poster design is very effective to youth and white-collar market if really. Auspicious pulls the catenary form of auspicious scene and circular design to be being returned to. Pocket and leg ministry applique are in the market is relatively popular. Whipstitch and pocket are in T stage also is heat.
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