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Trend of 08/09 bull-puncher popularity sees a drop greatly: Color restores ancie

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Additional, the money in bull-puncher with clipping respect, there also are many themes this year: New design, deal feeling, emphasize natural waist, sufficient ankle and leg ministry, pocket style and fabrics clipping.

New design: Beautiful field of big shop sign was shown men's the line in business suit is frivolous bull-puncher and shirt of button of the front part of a Chinese robe or jacket, be full of Latin the new fashion of the shirt collocation bull-puncher of recreational amorous feelings. To the female character, grid of stripe of bull-puncher shirt collocation and dress of style of tabby tatting frock, or the luxuriant dress of the close-fitting clipping of light color jean. Tight bull-puncher short skirt, or skirt of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane is increasingly important. The outfit that join a body spreads all over each big beautiful field that men's clothing mixes in this season. Or of knickers of female outfit bull-puncher is very short, perhaps do in leg ministry old suit Qiu Dong dress, or plait Peng rises, exaggerative perhaps exceed big, roll clipping of Bian Nan type.
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