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Han Feng continues to blow mix build more along with the gender

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  summer goes far gradually, autumn outfit is large-scale come on stage. Carry on is promoted " country business " , " embellish and " wait for a few big market, bless the bridge a sector of an area that recreational dress concentration waits for near straight market of bridge of straight market, storehouse and university campus, lie fallow to the girl from famous brand high-quality goods, summer wear " check inventory in the round general mobilization " , autumn outfit new fund shows the glamour at the beginning of appearing on the market.

A amorous feelings

City of mount of reduction sale autumn changes summer clothing finally

When in autumn outfit regale is performed, be about to retired summer wear is doing final bathed in blood to go all out in work, they acted an indispensable important role in this war. According to reporter understanding, enter since August, each businessman begins the urban district busy reduction sale is various summer wear, the arrival that is autumn outfit " vacate " the ground, the summer wear of numerous brand in succession fiery is hit fold. 8 fold, 5 fold even 3 fold, 2 fold... now, summer wear of final the rest is undertaking they fight bravely finally.

Big disposal of goods at reduced prices of clear commodity of summer wear insanity attracted many customer, the autumn outfit that also gives firm arrival created constant pressure, then numerous autumn outfit is tasted newly also begin to join dozen of train that lose. The reporter sees in visit, at present each autumn outfit of big market has the sales promotion of particular strength. Bridge straight market has the storehouse the small store that a lot of youths open, those who sell is to become the clothing with the most fashionable season. Look all the way, reporter discovery, even if new fund is not little, inn-keeper is not hopeful to the market also. "The money this year must clutch this year sell, have new popularity again to next year. Present dress change garments according to the season particularly fast, all already appeared on the market the autumn outfit of a month everybody also is being hit 78 fold sell, supply of goods is only fresh just the client turns round! " a merchant says to the reporter.

Han Feng exceeds dazzle to feel " high "

Had visited brand shop, had rambled high-quality goods inn, while sundry autumn outfit lets reporter big feast one's eyes on, feel dazzling. Is the popular trend of autumn outfit mixed this year what is general style? Much home merchant says, popularity does not have unified popularity again however, but can generalize for a few keywords, it is Han Feng continue to blow, bright color continues to dazzle, feeling " high " .

Vogue always is having accede and develop, the popularity of in former years appears in the popularity this year again through be being renovated ceaselessly. If suffer,integral nobility restored ancient ways 2007 the influence of wind, include color of celadon, bark to wait dark tonal, and color of the black that Chun Xia is popular, white, metal, gray this year autumn continues popular; And in the chest that the old clothes with full jacket matchs the knickers collocation with the following tight body to will still appear in numerous lady; Sweater, jeans still is this season advocate dozen; Drape once be the rage, ased if to appear again this year, arrive from the shirt coat, even fur clothing, apply in great quantities. Ablaze wind is in Qiu Dong still driving, not only each headgear that old brand rolls out glitter to feel extremely strong, and also added many ablaze elements more on the fittings of dress. Jeans of a cultivate one's morality also becomes because of ablaze Logo at a draught fashionable rises. "Arrive from popular last year coat of paint this year ablaze, be in foil a theme, that dazzles namely, youth more and more individualize, also dare show oneself more and more, in us this one element in the popularity of dress expresses individual character namely. " the Xiaowang that in Hangzhou inn of a well-known trademark is engaged in taking furnish plan tells a reporter. Of course, it is ablaze not only, still coat of paint and leopard grain will go up to put glorious greatly in Qiu Dong's market as before, showing individual character and vogue and high perfect couple.
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