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Today autumn, bud silk is taken a fancy to by stylist

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Index of   autumn popularity has a lot of -- all fashionable magazines are in its do not tire of irritatedly premonitory. For instance bud silk, was 2008 almost Qiu Dongxiu field is the most accident but one of the most affirmatory popular elements. Spirit of Miuccia Prada of fashionable bound queen shines solely, law eye decides case at not be the bud silk that wears so easily, herself of no less than is said " I just need very contracted outline, but the interest that needs a few surfaces. And I do not want to use revenue stamp, so I begin to see bud silk, be obsessed with at it " . Then, originally already be reduced to poverty arrives with contracted this answers the bud silk that does not have a predestined relationship to be found out to was played thoroughly from Ga La again. How play a way? Apparent, t stage has T station play a way, common people has common people play a way. Former in macroscopical on place order, latter needs to be allocated severally according to real life.

The bud silk of Prada enjoys law enough break a rule

The bud silk of Prada enjoys law enough break a rule, white day outfit used bud silk, be Shuai Ai simply!

Twinset of straight turtleneck skirt or is worn when going to work, want quite inflexible, if cover the result in order to exceed the bud silk of old structure how? That really a kind of bold envisaging, but Prada so did, silk of those heavy pound bud create the grade that gives extraordinary.

Of course if do not think so harangue, the bud silk of a few small amounts suits to be united in wedlock with profile coat more. The hollow out effect of bud silk is a dress or coat brings extraordinary change. Even, not be true bud silk, we still can see imprint bud silk in snow to spin as design merely on. So, this year Qiu Dong, a white day that sets full bud silk is installed, or, at least, have the printing T-shirt like silk of a few bud -- the silk resembling bud that looks true is same.

Nancy bud silk and male change hale clipping to form contrast

The strategy of Dolce&Gabbana and Prada is consistent, it is went up in the face guard outside light color dress dress of translucent brunet bud silk. Because of the affiliation of bud silk, the gas with devoid and inflexible dress.

Givenchy thinks out really, it is bud silk line in gauze, let a person cannot help wanting fine fine look up and down, outside " frivolous " , actually is showing the high quality of bud silk. On garment pants suit, nancy bud silk and male change hale clipping to form contrast. And other Nancy design includes to fasten virescent skirt together, the waist closes narrow, the compose on the moire skirt of the private parts has embroidery of butterfly bud silk, glass bead and opening of hand embroider circle.

Lei Sicheng is stylist dish in entree

Not be Prada this only actually, 2008 autumn winters many index level stylist happens to coincide chose bud silk. The praise highly that old Karl is bud silk all along person, this how could lags behind. A kind of special double color was rolled out to grow all silk socks on his hand-me-down show in Qiu Dong above all, the face saw the bud silk effect that is sex appeal once upon a time, looking from backside is a pair of contracted black hoses. Next he still designed a kind of very frivolous bud silk to grow A Chinese-style unlined garment, circular lap pulls crus all the time mid, decorating falbala, the bud silk that matchs black is small short skirt, although heavy and complicated, do not have however a tiny bit of " woman " flavour. And design of coat of paint is decorated on transparent fabrics, far the originality that the effect that sees the past build bud silk is feeling of silk of another kind of his bud.
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