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Ying Lunfeng of be current of 2008 autumn winters

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The fashionable bound of   Qiu Dong, china is hot have not respond to a curtain call, classical Ying Lunfeng also embark upon a political venture. On closure of Beijing Olympic Games, besides the wonderful show that has Chinese distinguishing feature, "London 8 minutes " the fashionable glamour that also let us appreciate Ying Lun street. In fashionable bound, to the stylist that Ying Lunfeng case has a special liking, never abandon the classical element with this very glamour. Somebody guesses, stylist may be to be London Olympic Games to prepare ahead of schedule, the dress group interest of this season blows Ying Lunfeng, medicinal powder give out a breath of a grace.

Cruel dazzles rock and roll style

The culture that rocking and roll is England is indicative one of, gram and close leg pants are placed to be a mark with engine skin in dress respect, what beetle band place reflects is this kind of classical Ying Lun rock and roll style. This kind of cruel dazzles dress up till the mark that today still is tide, those who get star of big shop sign, model and street wet person love. Resemble Kate Moss of British famous model and Agyness Deyn, they are engine billfold and the vermicelli made from bean starch of the pants that tighten a leg, the Agyness Deyn of pants of close leg of grain of apparel canvas shoes, leopard and black fur clothing reveals infinite Ying Lun traitorous flavour, let a person feel the grace of cruel of a kind of cruel again. In this season, the colour of close leg pants is more exaggerative and gorgeous, classical gules case lines, luxuriant gules skin face, perhaps be full of the leopard grain of haggard glamour, have very strong expression capacity, add simple T-shirt and short coat, the Ying Lun that explains a kind of neuter beauty rocks and roll style. This kind of style, suit what tie-in metal feels character to deserve to act the role of, if adorn a wide bracelet, leather belt that sets hammer having iron, or it is the necklace that cross condole drops, the concept that rock and roll will by perfect promotion.

Decorous rustic style

Every mention Ying Lunfeng case, total meeting associates to gent demeanour and aristocratic temperament. As we have learned, in this season, the stylist of dress bound fell in love with mediaeval noble go vacationing outfit, the noble recreational recreational lifestyle is mixed contemporary advocate the life manner of healthy nature blends in a design in, collision gives beautiful scintilla. The printing with grain of case of Scotland grid, plover and artistic design gives priority to this kind of style melody; Baize cloth, corduroy and knitting were used on fabrics, those who let a person feel nature of a kind of press close to is comfortable; And go up in design, continued flower style of Lun Gui a group of things with common features, double platoon buckles dust coat is hot sheet is tasted as before, suit the female of intellectual grace very much.
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