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Today autumn black gray of fashionable tide fashion colour

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  is blown when autumn wind, as if whole world already was tired of the colour profusion that belongs to summer, begin even Cong Chunxia to suffer favorite white with respect to equipment, also exited historical arena gradually in this season. Those who accompanying style of 40 time grace is renascent, black, ash and shallow weak cream-colored department is become most suffer stylist people of favour new " 3 primary colors " . Not afraid, low-key colour does not mean low attention to spend, pass proper collocation, it is the most ordinary foundation color, also can let you make the fall most IN wet person.

No.1 advanced temperament is grey

Review stage of T of international of nearly a few season, gray never resembles 08 autumn winters accepting favour fully euqally it seems that. If say so low-key colour is the word that all through the ages regards OL as to dress up requisite, so begin from today, it will belong to the office only no longer, however high-key all the most wonderful location in appearing to live at you, the grace that is you adds fashionable, the sex appeal that is you adds temperament.

Style Point


The silver-colored gray that ● rich burnish feels is gray familial medium the biggest favorite, not only luxuriant feeling dense, and and thin or the collocation of knitting gray still can alternate a variety of administrative levels.

● dotes on bright colorific schoolgirl really, the shade that can choose gray and bright color is excessive, this also is Qiu Dong one big popular!

● makes advanced feeling of gray complete develop, your integral modelling must not too complex, agile and relaxed hairstyle and I modelling of cultivate one's morality just can let grace reveal.

No.2 is attractive cream-colored a group of things with common features

This is attractive giant and familial, from shallow weak aureate, the color of camel's hair with elegant full-bodied breath, arrive again the coffee that reveals temperament, as if to never any timeses produce this familial color so incisively and vividly. Know tie-in schoolgirl least of all repeatedly, want institutional general almirah only the cream-colored with replete deep shallow depth is, also can find the elegant wind that belongs to oneself in optional a suit of armour model.

Style Point

● aureate taffeta is the most showily princess in cream-colored department, coat of cream-colored knitting cardigan is small amiable jasper, and the example that fabrics of chamois of the color of camel's hair is fair maiden of Yuan of temperamental group name. Holding good cream-colored is members' respective tone sex, you can play turn this is familial.

Skirt of ● A word vest and shirt collocation appear temperamental and dye-in-the-wood, it is the cream-colored department that suits relaxed autumn most one of tie-in plan.
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