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Unscramble agitation of tower of Qiu Dongluo Li

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  group of autumn winter fashion mixes sweep dazzlingly agitation this year, costly with civilian, heavy and complicated and extremely brief, sex appeal and neutral undertook intense collision in stylist at hand, brand-new, overturn sexual figure is born from this, that is the Luo Li that the person sees the person loves tower style, wander the brim in intellectual woman and lovely girl, she is sending out boundless glamour.

The reporter is in 2008 K-gold east colorful get Qiu Dong " spruce colourful " series of Luo Li tower releases the spot to understand, such tide swept across gem to design a group likewise, the gem style that allows 08 autumn winters presents trend of a few craze. For instance by mutiple level chain, irregular circle, and the geometrical system like art comes those who go out reflect " extremely brief line " ; Much material is mixed character build, big and exaggerated is hanged, with the totem that is full of different region culture combination falls " full-bodied custom " ; And the element of tower of Li of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces that is considered as to not allow to ignore, had new note, hang down heavy necklace, stereo modelling, water wave all without exception of flow is showing young woman of tower of Li of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces particular " handsome sex appeal " .

Origin: New civilian evening paper