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Popular " ungird of take off your coat " agitation

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On the competition of cascade of second of football of woman of Holand of new sports season that   has recently, the female footballer that FC pulls gram spy club people the central issue that became media quest. Because level of this team athletics has many,this is not is tall, wearing traditional football shorts no longer because of them however, the short skirt that wears sex appeal however comes on the stage take part in the match. Such act since can enlarge consequence to attract assistance for the club, also be women football at the same time " dare be the world first " , overturn a kind of attempt of dress of traditional women football.

Team member force holds out skirt outfit

Mention the new line that FC draws player of women football of gram spy club is taken, also do not have the place with special what actually, no more than turned into with respect to the white knickers that is before white short skirt.

And this small move brought the club however the effect of get effect instantly, after the government-owned net of this club visits a quantity to also be carried out in this act, achieved immediately new tall. Making what the person feels interesting is, the team member that FC draws gram spy club people also very love this new line to take, "Put on new skirt to make us attendant go up not only more convenient, and also feel more comfortable than traditional knickers. " the core player that draws gram spy line Linsaike Te cries such say. Nevertheless perhaps more those who let team member feel glad is, the hour that the reporter pays close attention to them so never is encountered before them.

It is early actually 4 years ago, puladini of incumbent chairman of Europe sufficient couplet has offerred similar proposal, he thinks woman football athlete should wear the group with as traditional as the man different polo shirt to take, such benefits are sponsorred at attracting ad business. At that time his catchword is: "Let what women football wears mix the man is different. " before passing 4 years, what such proposal sufferred severity is critically. The chairman of association of British woman football at that time refutes energetically, "This is the contempt to women football and affront simply. I hope Puladini can feel ashamed from the heart. " and consistent in order to open celebrated Dutch criterion not such by rule, holand is sufficient assist express when explaining the provision to women football dress: Does allow of tip of ability of dew of Kuo of kiss of the Kingdom of Wei inspect rotten Sui flood dragon to protect flood dragon of a side gate of an imperial palace of  of づ of V of  grey  to finish fertilizer of capture Qian the sliding weight of a steelyard swings ┳ to climb  of Quan of  of sole of the  that cut cook a meal into parts to embed barium of flood dragon of bright of postscript of grey  of if stalk  to mire the miscellaneous Yan that kill lonely is held in the palm Xiao?
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