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Dress do not answer downwind should have distinctive color to conduct tidal curr

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    " dress brand has life, you can discover the brand that compares fire now is what insist to come down in sand is clean out in sea, hold on only do good color, ability is final gain. Life is longer, the color is clearer. The color is clearer..

-- Zhang Hua

After having dress sale experience of more than 10 years, poineering associate Zhang Hua and Le Le acted as agent jointly this year dress of a brand, in couplet of 100 Cheng Hebei capital on two bazaar ark, the business is done quite prosperously still.

"What be engaged in dress managing now is a youth mostly, with dress small shop differs, acting brand opens the market indeed not easy, we want to talk about our experience. " on September 20, two " belle boss " Xiang Chuangfu's reporter told about him " knack of doing business " .

- advocate 1

New old brand is carried,

The choice suits to sell of field " latent capacity "

"We two the earliest in Zhengzhou a well-known dress distribute company works, be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears more than 10 years, always want to try to be made from the agent, oneself are managed. " Zhang Hua says, because the experience of the respect such as the supportive strength of the to dress susceptibility when the job, brand is accumulated somewhat, compare when oneself choose a brand " have a well-thought-out plan " .

Zhang Hua introduces, him choice brand is common near the time of half an year, inspected very much new old brand, choose suit oneself to suit to sell of field " latent capacity " . "Just began apt the high-grade dress of course of special fair maiden, but the course sells the investigation of field to Zhengzhou, discover congener brand is not lacked. " the course is compared repeatedly, zhang Hua and happy happy final decision do not take usual route, the new brand that chose country of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household to design style, Guangzhou to produce " R&D " .

- advocate the 2 styles that use oneself conduct tidal current, let a client go with you

"Do dress to ought not to comply with tide, the style that ought to use oneself however conducts tidal current, let a client follow you to go, this also is we choose a kind to mix those who build style brand newly advocate because of. " the experience of two people makes clear, the real case of local market must join when choosing new brand, integration analysis.

"Our consuming group of fixed position is 25~35 year old young woman, we also are in this group, of the representative ' R&D ' brand stylist also age similar, had common language to be communicated easily. Increase a price not tall, the site basically distributings the second line bazaar in one class city and the bazaar of a gleam of of 2 class cities, the feeling has latent capacity to be able to be dug very much at that time, on Zhengzhou as a result ark is less than half an year, had had a lot of ' old customer ' . " Zhang Hua says.
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