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Autumn scenery immensity new clothes of 4 autumn scenery

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  we are corrupt " color " animal: What Gong Mei rares is delicate and charming be about to drip, the endless depressed of the earth, of seawater abstruse and blurred, bring the most primitive impressions, it is not just in the eye, still be in our garment. Right, the popular colour of this season, you must add these 3 kinds of color ceremoniously shopping notebook in: Red it is real female will of people, fizzling out is the 100 city flavour that change, blue it is sober cent secant.

Detail get victory

The dress of simple look did not have the collocation of all sorts of design such as grid, stripe, geometry, pure the vision that pounds us with sterling and intense colour. Show slightly to avoid drab, dress of of all kinds chose the detail processing of the place such as collarband, cuff in succession, attract the eyeball of people. The drape that for example collarband is in, reveal the fair maiden breath that romance restores ancient ways, clever graceful if show,the curve also is like concealed because of the arrangement of drape, raise one's hand is cast sufficient, grace cannot be kept out. Cooperate Guangzhou's changeful weather, some dresses also divide twinset, inside in sleeve is close-fitting the T-shirt, the dress that do not have sleeve is covered again outside, cascade feels build blame haunt.

Of the bud silk that provides aristocratic temperament most the wind restoring ancient ways that returning is Victoria times, these metropolises are in autumn renascence. Pure color matchs the bud silk with collarband, cuff lacy, the Wenwan that all shows young woman is melting. Comfortable and comfortable baby is installed, the lovely scene of the line that do not have a waist or tall waist line gained the favour of numerous MM. The baby of simple look is installed, more what show a mature woman fully in fair maiden temperament is lovely.

In addition, absolutely on the collocation of makeup look cannot careless. Because the colour of dress itself is sterling bright, we are OK and bold use comparative color, make luxuriant sense dye-in-the-wood perfect makeup look. Of course, learn us this makeup girl Mo Lili chooses metallic color, be advisability absolutely lift. As to the metal makeup skill, we might as well learn to the Great Master. Famous colour makeup Great Master PatMcGrath puts forward: "Choose shadow of lubricious key point of a group of bright metals to represent sootiness key point makeup, one is in in the center of eyelid on besmear aureate shine in order to carry. " and makeup division Romerio Jennings likes MACProteam senior variety " a few kinds of different and tonal metal lubricious confluence paint eye picture, feel to after fusing like the metal, condense together, eyelash is shock and labial makeup is natural, also suit to do very much daily makeup look " .

Big heat is trichromatic

This is the 3 primary colors that we say normally: Red, yellow, blue, go up in the T stage of this season, in each shop of big market, they make the favorite that exceeds black and white ash, active in everybody among the line of sight. Not be to say black and white ash with respect to outdated, they still defend front firmly very sturdily, color of red nevertheless yellow La San can bring different new move more.
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