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Autumn day skirt fits elegant plan

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  although already autumn, but as before the climate of bright sunshine, Shang Cunnuan meaning, the female of your daughter beauty still is sentimentally attached to skirt outfit. What what differ is, in season of this Qiu Dong, stylist people send the view the woman to maturity, no matter be tight pencil skirt, acting 1950 umbrella skirt, still be the printing design skirt with ethical very flavour, no matter why be planted length, fall in proper cut out unwanted material and unique design, temperament of Yuan of will high name carries forward, present an attractive elegant charm!

Spend play skin gently female

Know this season depends on wind of skin of old popular play, but should wear a the sort of marrow to be not easy thing however. Actually, wear a printing and ground simply to grow skirt already sufficient, match the headgear of a long necklace and straightforward feeling again, in assured modern flavour while, the light play skin that also can deduce famous Yuan type easily tastes.

Tie-in guideline

The person that printing grows skirt or the figure picks high wears ability to come good-lookingly, if ask oneself figure is insufficient standard, also can put on the high-heeled shoes of 10cm above inside skirt, can spin your figure scale.

How can you still wear?

Everybody does not suit printing to grow skirt nature, if extortionary wear, can try to fasten belt below the bosom, spin figure scale. Of course, still had better choose to just cross the length of genu, need collocation only fine with high-heeled shoes, as much outstanding, and more practical also.

City is tribal a group of things with common features

Although be haggard and dye-in-the-wood ethical olfactory printing, but good material, clever tassel detail, will feel original model originally, turn modern flavour into dye-in-the-wood times female. Deserve to go up to deserve delicately to act the role of again, wait like necklace, chatelaine, aggravate nation flavour while, more added fashionable flavor.

Tie-in guideline

Today the tie-in program with the most popular season is to be in printing short skirt is adscititious and genteel Su Majia or fur vest, aggravate ethical flavour while, also more the fashionable sense that does not lose grace.

How can you still wear?

Printing short skirt matchs extremely easily, besides putting on coat, if the figure is carried high, a horn jeans can be worn inside, skin of more prominent play tastes; If petite woman, also but amid adds a knickers or short skirt, add administrative levels touch.

New Rome holiday

In those days " Roman holiday " fashionable whole world, make more abstruse Daili Heben made classical and fashionable image, up to now nobody are surmounted. And hertz is in originally piece in match with white shirt the modelling of big umbrella skirt more become target of countless people me-too, nowadays season reappears again, you cannot be missed naturally.
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