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Development of our country spin is relatively stable

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Regard Beijing labour as commercial firm politics management department, we are in charge of undertaking to the commodity of current domain quality is superintended since 2001. After poisonous and harmful standard published our country textile 2004, we are increased ceaselessly detect strength, example number and devoted year after year increase. Through detecting, we discover spin product quality improves stage by stage. Do at first when detecting, the dry goods that contains poisonous and harmful material is very much. Nearly 9 years, this kind of phenomenon decreases apparently.

But, current textile industry still exists a few other issues. In fiber content respect, still have tag not clear, jerry phenomenon. A few enterprises begin to hit edge ball in intense competition, we discover the actual fiber content of a few textile compares tagging all but for many times. Although textile industry returns existence problem now, but overall develop to good way, year after year of percent of pass is climbed litre.

We undertook detecting to the textile of the industry such as Beijing guesthouse, restaurant this year, its quality should be differred than the retail dry goods on the market a lot of. This shows our past oversight the superintendency to industry of guesthouse, hotel, put main energy in the link such as bazaar, supermarket. Manufacturing company is distinguished treat, take the quality of the goods that offers to bazaar supermarket seriously, oversight to direct user (guesthouse, restaurant) the quality of offerred goods. The problem that discovers this year as a result of us is very outstanding, the superintendency strength that should increase field of pair of guesthouse, restaurant next year.

Complain from consumption in light of, mixed last year the complains place to occupy proportion of textile is not large first half of the year this year. Should say, the development of whole spin industry is relatively stable, the product pledges the quantity promotes stage by stage, be one steadily up process. As superintendency branch, we hope to cooperate actively with company of consumer society, media, production, build those who let common people be at ease to shop environment, let the home spin an industry to go in the front row of other industry in quality respect.

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