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Market of costume of developing country textile grows quickly

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Textile industry by spun yarn product, woven composition of material of fabric and knitting cloth, floor, textile industry has height periodic. The factor that has main effect to textile industry generation includes, population factor, can use income arbitrarily development of confidence of growth, consumer, technology, fashionable trend and variable of other economic integration. Spin demand relies on environment of fashionable trend, economic integration and social influence, for example situation and element of raw material origin, culture, lifestyle, environmental protection element.

Spin market makes spin produce an enterprise to undertake innovation and technology are innovated ceaselessly in the intense competition of the price and fashionable dress respect, for example coating textile. The technical progress development of spin production factory goes more lightsome more comfortable fabrics, and stretch fiber. Manufacturing company uses fibrous to combine production to issue equipment to fight each other knit, shrinkproof, comfortable softness, more get used to weather to wear the dress that waits for a function change, Yi Xi, easily.

Textile industry is one of individual labor intensive industrial, the country with labor inferior cost is benefited relatively. In world spin market, chinese cotton, wool and chemical fibber dress year productivity holds dominant position, fiber turnout is massive. China has become cotton, wool and chemical fibber (for example polyester) produce big country. China is textile exit big country, korea, Taiwan, India and Pakistan 15 textile export row whole world big country and area. The development of the developed country such as the United States anticipates put delay, their spin enterprise in a large-scale outside change, spin market base is weakened greatly. In addition, american textile industry anticipates face the competition that comes from the developing country after abolishing quota. WTO undertakes region conformity through commerce hard, this also will affect the export of American textile.

Competition of market of world spin fiber is intense, its characteristic is fiber supply of goods is abounded, gain is small, chemical fibber raw material is more and more welcome, for example polyester replaces natural fiber. Close minute / the demand that man-made fibre expects the area in developing is huge, population of the area in development is much, economic growth is rapid. Get together balmy acyl amine and carbonization fiber value are higher, stability expects growth. Come for years, the fiber wastage that family expenses textile and domestic furnishings taste production is expanding all the time. Although natural fiber is relied on to produce domestic furnishings to taste on textile industry tradition, but some closer year come, as a result of immanent function, environmental protection and cost advantage, chemical fibber consumption is in all the time rapid growth. Polyester is the man-made fibre with the rapiddest growth, because garment industry is right the demand of polyester is very big.
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