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Dress of spin of the 3rd China affects muscularity award activity to spread out

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Sign up for newspaper office of prevention and cure of trade group, China to sponsor by daily of association of journalist of China whole nation, economy, zhejiang saves carry on to start institute of prefectural people government " influence? China---Award of muscularity of influence of dress of spin of the 3rd China " the activity holds a press conference in news edifice. Attend the meeting on announce: "Award of muscularity of influence of dress of spin of the 3rd China " will hold in October " exposition of textile of 2008 China Ke Qiao international " during promote Ke Qiao to uncover a list of names posted up with carry on, will hold grand prize-giving ceremony. From this, proclaimed this is had flourishingly the tierce of the news investigation activity of vitality sets sail.

Di Hui of secretary of leading Party group of association of journalist of China whole nation rises, sun Ruizhe of vice-chairman of association of Chinese textile industry, lin Yue of deputy editor in chief of economic daily agency like that, china signs up for assist Hua Lin of Lv of chairman of trade journal committee, chi Zongjun of president of Chinese spin newspaper office, carry on promoted delegate of a few media of leader and the whole nation such as Sun Jun of head of a department of members of standing committee of prefectural county Party committee, propaganda to attend press conference.

It is reported, "Award of muscularity of influence of dress of spin of the 3rd China " can be in as before the organization is domestic and international this year person of more than 40 media forms giant and authoritative evaluation group, escort the Emperor to retain the authority of large award and public letter power thereby convoy. In objective, judicial news investigation, the market that according to of expert of more than 100 media awaits selection shop sign each has rate, brand to develop space, brand to model consumption of force, brand to guide force, brand to control the many respects such as consequence of ability of sale of force, development, society to serve as judge standard to undertake be filtrationed strictly hitting dividing selection. Included in sheet of this a list of names posted up provide industry force major to exhibit most meeting, provide industrial force spin most, provide commercial force major most the market, have brand of fashionable consequence dress most, provide prevalent force dry goods most card, provide strategic consequence to appear on the market most enterprise.

The carry on of October promotes Ke Qiao fall, "Award of muscularity of influence of Chinese spin dress " Chan Lingren of final a list of names posted up expects.