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Group of spin garment industry " enter on the west " new posture

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Below the setting of economic globalization and area economic integration, the industry of area of Chinese the eastpart part is migratory in recent years it is no longer scattered undertake in a small way, however to sex of center-west region whole large-scale migratory, appeared industrial group " enter on the west " new posture.

Waited for an unit to be held in Ningxia jointly by northwest university recently " China western economy grows a report 2008 " press conference and China western on economic progress forum, courtyard of Chinese company division Professor Chen Yao thinks, emphasize carrying on year after year western the industry of foreland of the eastpart part is migratory, from the point of this year migratory phenomenon has shown the company of type of group of sex of this large-scale whole.

Chen Yao thinks, wait for what the element develops to economy of the eastpart part to restrict as price of land, labour force grow day and day, force a few industries that do not suit development migratory go out, enter in order to allow the company with technology and additional higher cost, or carry on more advanced industry is entered halt. In the meantime, be in western carry on the level that also developed to pay attention to industrial assemble more when company of estate of the eastpart part is migratory, accept an industry gradually migratory by scattered change turn to group to change, industry of garment of spin of for example the eastpart part with " whole is built-in " means implementation is transferred to the west.

The data that according to Sichuan association of province spin clothing provides shows, in recent years group of industry of garment of spin of Guangdong, Zhejiang already appeared to the trend with Sichuan migratory whole. The enterprise accompany of company of a few clothing and relevant form a complete set builds a plant to Sichuan investment, in Chengdu periphery new, the prefectural area such as Peng Zhou formed a few burgeoning dress group. While this is promoting Sichuan industry group to accelerate development, also give priority to the change with this locality enterprise, the group that relies on this locality resource develops way.

The expert thinks, be shed the many sided element such as form a complete set of efficiency, industry and investment climate by carriage cost, content restrict, at present China western the area still carries on effectively hard actually coastal industry is migratory, especially move of improvement trade industry. What area key should attract western basically is coastal those " low correlation, low extroversion is spent " group of many and traditional industry.

In the meantime, industry of the eastpart part enters the anxiety that also caused concerned expert on the west. Chen Dong of chairman of seminar of economy of region of researcher of courtyard of Chinese company division, China is unripe say: "The industry between Chinese thing ministry is migratory from western had not stopped all the time since big development, the eastpart part a lot of labor are concentrated model the industry had arrived from the point of its product or be close to its lifecycle. 30 years in future or had sung 30 years in area of the eastpart part in the past ' play ' sing again in center-west region? Should calling a likelihood completely again is a tragedy, carry industrial waste water into western arid area is a harm more boundless. "
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