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Before spun in August take exit amplitude add to put delay

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Customs data shows, accumulative total of dress of textile of 1~8 month our country exports one hundred and eighteen billion nine hundred and forty million dollar this year, with grew 9.15% compared to the same period last year, exit amplitude continues to present the evidence that put delay.

From with dress of in former years export business looks, august is clothing outlet busy season, however busy season not flourishing, august, our country exports textile dress in all eighteen billion five hundred and ninety-two million dollar, relatively on the month reduces about 100 million dollar, annulus comparing decreases 0.5% ; Relatively the corresponding period is small last year raise 502 million dollar, compared to the same period amplitude 2.78% .

Editor in chief of network of the first spin barks advancement is analysed, add fast change to look from the dollar, the trend with exasperate outlet of clothing of our country spin still is in ceaseless aggravate. Below all sorts of element combined influence, the company real profit of textile 2/3 has 0.62% only this year, volume of the export that spin look forward to appears the fall of different level, some are flat " hibernant " .

Researcher of associated negotiable securities barks Chengdu also expresses, although the dollar depreciates speed puts delay somewhat, but the state that did not control exit aggravation, accumulative total of dress of textile of before RMB caliber falls 8 months glided compared to the same period 1.32% . Last in Euramerican economy exhausted weak, demand puts the background such as delay, dress of our country textile exports a situation to improve hard.

Also the expert points out, marine this year cost does not have ascendant evidence, make dress is exported be able to of certain level alleviate. But appreciate ceaselessly to euro as latter RMB, will form stern test to outlet of clothing of our country spin.

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