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Household is taken becoming domestic culture fashion

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On September 15, first " 9. 15 China lives in activity of the " that take day to be held in Shan head. Concerned expert points out, household is taken already became domestic culture fashion, it allows the popularity inside bearing flavour family and close condition days, let a person enjoy the inner world of a culture.
This second activity is sponsorred jointly by government of people of city of head of Chinese textile Trade Association, Shan, spin in assist household takes Board of Trade of economy of city of head of professional committee, Shan to undertake jointly. It is reported, this is the industry red-letter day that home runs first times by trade organization. Domestic house takes traceable the Euramerican country of 80 time of 20 centuries, introduce our country at 90 time. It is the industry of a rising sun that rises abruptly from garment industry in recent years, have tremendous development latent capacity. The household of our country is taken, it is as the country life flowing water rises smoothly, and change and accept to idea of traditional family life for compatriots place gradually, it is the product that the society develops, conveyed compatriots to be opposite of high quality life long for potentially. Its category, already was head and shoulders above the concept of bedgown. Distinguish from functional sex, home of sportswear of gown of bedgown, bath, motion, house is taken, work take etc.
Be in our country, live in the development that takes industrial course more than 10 years, formed industrial group gradually, countrywide major and the enterprise that hold course of study concurrently to produce a house to take already evened more 1000, what household of production holding course of study concurrently takes is main it is enterprise of a few underwear. Visible, no matter from industrial dimensions respect, still tell from the angle of industrial catenary, household takes the garment that becomes independent as child the industry already became the fact that does not dispute.
The province such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong has the household that centers quite to serve manufacturing base. Household takes industrial cable length the Guangdong wanting number with the largest scale of the most complete, industry visits Shan head town. 2004, town of hill of gorge of Shan head city has the honor to win " China household to take name of famous city " . Hill of gorge of Shan head city is pressed down with high-grade household is taken in production give priority to, former complementary makings is complementary, crop achieved many 300 million 2006 (set) , year increase rate is near 15 % , sell each district of past whole nation not only, still sell as far as to the 30 many countries such as North America, Europe, middle east, southeast Asia and area. At present whole town has more large-scale household to take manufacturing company 380, from personnel of course of study 4. 50 thousand the left and right sides; Facilities of production of dress of existing and of all kinds household exceeds 50 thousand (set) , import equipment among them many 40 thousand (set) , occupy the 80 % of equipment sum total. Preliminary formed " beauty cocoa of familial " of new generation of mark " , " Ru Sifen " , " , " the brand mainstay business that a batch of major such as " produce household to take, drove the industrial situation of medium and small businesses and domestic mill thereby.
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