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2008 China (Qingdao) week of international fashionable dress is about to begin

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When contest holds Beijing Olympic Games and Qingdao Ao Fan, 2008 China (Qingdao) week of international fashionable dress is about to hold, at present fashionable dress week arranges the job each basic be in order, will bring sumptuous dinner of vogue of a fashionable dress on September 22.
The concept of week of current the latest fashion is: With Qingdao of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games abstruse sail contest is chance, with " push new personality, Shu Xinxiu, go out to be tasted newly, innovation card " for the target, with " compose builds international brand gateway " for the theme, breed meticulously " cradle of Great Master of design of prospective fashionable dress and brand of vogue of new fighting spirit are born the ground " , make dress famous city and style mainly. For this, exert oneself advances " 3 change " : By past government carry is served as advocate, to run by association below governmental dominant give priority to change; Reveal communication to give priority to by dress product exposition, read extensively to garment industry person with ability and technology reveal communication to give priority to change; Participate in by the personage inside course of study give priority to, participate in jointly to professional audience and citizen audience give priority to change. Outstanding had caught " two masterstroke " : It is design of aggrandizement fashionable dress is released with reveal, aggrandizement talent and technology are revealed, make skill of person with ability of spin garment industry communicate platform; 2 it is aggrandizement citizen participates in mobile board piece, abound culture of Qingdao city dress, build arena of citizen dress vogue. Through advancing " 3 change " and outstanding " two masterstroke " , create the unique dominant position of week of current the latest fashion, as congener as home postpone meeting amlposition development, pull better use development of estate of garment of Qingdao city spin, promote spin dress talent the technology further specialization level.
Week of current the latest fashion is outstanding new originality, do new standard, main around " two masterstroke " , 8 mobile board piece spread out, to " specialization, commercialize, internationalization " target stride, main activity cent is two much 8 mobile board piece.
The first part: Make fashionable dress design talent and technical communication platform. When including China and foreign countries news briefing of outfit stylist work, " beautiful cup " award of new personality of design of fashionable dress of the 14th China chooses, exposition of communication of person with ability of countrywide garment industry and technical courtyard look forward to (a little while 2 exhibit: Countrywide school talent is exhibited, achievement of city spin dress is exhibited) , fashionable home spins high-level forum.
(one) news briefing of work of stylist of fashionable dress of China and foreign countries, maintain fashionable dress week to release the authority of the respect and force in work, in domestic and international famous stylist and native land stylist compatible the breakthrough achieves on harbour. By Chinese dress stylist association invites brand of fashionable dress of h of t of i of l of French L i , Korea, Taiwan Wang Yutao, Lin Zi contains 10 beautiful stylist of famous stylist and home, Li Xiaoyan, Chen Wen, ever, promote fashionable dress the professional, authority of week and artistic quality further.
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