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Chinese leather line of business is running transition of strategy of the implem

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On September 3 ~5 day, annual international leather grand meeting -- , China International leather is exhibited, China International shoe kind exhibit and dress of bag of China International box, Qiu Ge and dress are exhibited in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center is held. 1126 ginseng that come from 36 countries and area exhibit Shanghai of Shang Yun collect, what deduced leather of a world jointly is gluttonous great dinner. Reforming and opening again and again of great achievements of 30 years of leather line of business today

Year be worth our country reforming and opening 30 years, also be Chinese leather association holds water 20 years. Reforming and opening comes 30 years, leather industry grows ceaselessly expand, from the traditional and manual industry that can satisfy domestic requirement only, development wraps crop of leather waiting for a skin and international trade quantity to all jump house world first place to leather shoes, leather, box. The China now, already became the world leather big state of be worthy of the name, stride actively to the cavalcade of world leather powerful nation. In the process that develops quickly in leather industry, chinese leather association and industry experienced all sorts of challenges, difficulty jointly, close all previous a series of industry great event, witnessed China to regard leather of a world as the rise of big country, also shared the gain of plentiful and substantial that reforming and opening brings jointly.

Current, personnel of obtain employment of Chinese leather industry already reached 110 thousand person. Come 30 years, chinese leather, flix and products industry gross value of industrial output grow 142 times, profit tax amount grows 84 times, among them: Profit total grows 77 times; Leather, flix and goods exit forehead grow 175 times.

Chen Shineng of chairman of union of Chinese light industry is attending Chinese leather association the 6th board points out when the 2nd enlarged meeting, reforming and opening comes 30 years, industry of our country leather was obtained span type develops, value of tax of production value, profit, profit, export came true to count the decuple, growth of about a hundred times, be in light industrial in the product of 663 China famous brand of the industry, leather industry has 47, occupy light industrial 7.08% of gross; Be in light industrial industry in 96 characteristic area, leather industry has 10, occupy light industrial 10.42% of gross, became world leather to produce big country. Leather industry leads demonstrative action to arriving since the development of light industry, breed in industrial group, contend for achieve Chinese well-known logo, in the brand respect of progress of economy of construction, stimulative loop also goes in front, annual China International leather is exhibited, China International shoe kind exhibit and Bao Qiuge dress and dress exhibited China International box to be " China is light industrial 10 old brands are exhibited meeting " , promoted the downstream communication on leather line of business; Strengthened leather global collaboration; Built the trade atmosphere with leather excellent job; Compose built the trade platform with leather efficient line of business; Drove leather line of business the communication of advanced science and technology, own innovation and progress; how-to the new way that science and technology of leather line of business develops; Drove the ceaseless promotion of quality of leather industry whole.
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