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International order disappears company of clothing of our country spin needs to

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Receive order, organize program of production, conduction export, carry the product next Euramerican a certain haven or other place, however this moment, we discover those issued single client to be missing suddenly, do these kinds or types of goods still have saved opportunity?

The discount tide that comes ahead of schedule

A butterfly is in Yamaxun dabs in the forest wing, can bring about a tornado of the Texas after a month. On March 13, 2007, newCenturyFinancial of orgnaization of loan of the 2nd big sub mortgage announces the United States be close to going bankrupt, and after 16 months, give China the urban woman of tens of thousands of however bring joy.

For the Kate that this buys foreign brand clothing to be fond of, just like body is in heaven. At the beginning of June, beijing still is day after day overcast and rainy, enter the summer not completely, the network that she got dress of many abroad famous brand to give out shops dozen fold invitation E-mail, it is to appeared on the market 2008 before long new money, discount from 5 fold 8 fold differ. "Not only kinds or types of goods is complete, new, and strength is great " . Kate says: "And annual the christmas sense with discount the greatest strength is about the same. "

"Big in June sales promotion " , each shopping websites hit home at the same time almost such catchphrase, of full of beautiful things in eyes dozen fold article include cap of famous brand portfolio, dress, shoe, cosmetic. Emphasize " June " , because,be, customarily lets women erupt shop of mad nature hit in year lose season, coming for years is begin from July.

By June, a large number of habits just began to be in China in August the brands of 5 the chain that cross a state that lose a sale, in the bazaar of Beijing, Shanghai, enter at the same time dozen fold period. A few bazaar, hit clearly " synchronous Europe " scroll.

"This year European clothing company, will hit fold period shifted to an earlier date full two months " , cao Xinyu says vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports.

The common sense inside garment industry is, 5-8 month is the sale busy season of the dress in a year, and because Europe is hit fold season to get rigid standard, general dress is hit fold can appear in January to mix July. Wear on summertime dress before long, sale the 5-6 month of flourishing begins to hit fold, this calculates to shopkeeper disagreement apparently.

"Hit ahead of schedule now fold can explain only, current sale is bad, at the same time shopkeeper feels capital pressure, be eager to steam again capital, " Cao Xinyu says.

The international client that disappears suddenly

The crisis is in early begin to emerge first half of the year, enterprise of numerous Chinese foreign trade, experience gradually far a bitter pill to swallow of the economic crisis in ocean the other shore.
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