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Outlet of our country clothing shows hard to rising market hopeful

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Enter since September, the abidance of RMB add euro appreciates, many people place the hope was in to the south of on the rising market body that alliance, Russia and middle east are a delegate, but the data that custom publishs makes clear, dress of our country spin is right in July before this year Russia exit appeared the negative growth of 13.16% , the circumstance of rising market also nots allow hopeful.

Up to now before New Year in July, the proportion that rising market holds our country spin to export the market comes by the 37.73% increase sharply 2005 43.26% of before this year 7 months, the development of rising market has been become draw one of main power that use outlet of our country spin.

But statistical data shows, before this year dress of our country spin was exported in July east alliance amount is 5.268 billion dollar, than going up year of the corresponding period grow 7.74% only, had appeared to the exit of Russia the negative growth of 13.16% . To Africa, Latin America exit is added fast all also maintain be in a digit level, far under last year the corresponding period.

Guangdong saves silk spin group to tell a reporter about chief: "A year of in the past, country of rising market economy has two digit inflation commonly, sum the economic crisis that Vietnam appears, relatively careful still to the exit of rising market. "

Origin: Guangzhou daily
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