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Quota next year cancels to China spins look forward to or face global trade barr

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Perspective of textile clothing outlet is not clear, chinese enterprise not only the consumption that should continue to face global economy to put delay to cause is abate, and the intense competition between textile of as other as the Asia country, still facing the possibility global trade barrier to build high risk. For this, guangdong of big province of spin clothing outlet calls together about a hundred enterprise to shift to an earlier date yesterday " hit precautionary needle " .

Chen Lipeng of director of Board of Trade of fairness of office of trade of the classics outside Guangdong province is accepted yesterday " daily of the first finance and economics " when interviewing, express, this year as Sino-US textile agreement the bottom expires, chinese spin will be in to global exit greet next year without quota period, to prevent Chinese textile export increases quickly, euramerican adopt commerce to relieve measure likely or camp of a few technologies sets a barrier to Chinese enterprise, already began to have this kind of symptom of a trend at present, the enterprise should strengthen the risk of the market to be on guard.

Ginger sagacious expresses vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports, arrive since 2006 July 2008, the whole world is initiated to Chinese textile instead dumping, special protect wait for commerce to relieve measure in all 18, involve amount 540 million dollar, in China year the exit of on one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars holds few proportion only temporarily in the forehead, suffer an effect not quite.

"But trade friction is possible grow in quantity, putting delay as a result of global economy growth on one hand, international market demand is abate; It is Chinese textile produces can rapid expansion in last few years on the other hand, wait for the competition between Asian country with Vietnam, India at the same time more intense also, some enterprises often adopt low to snatch order. " Jiang Zhe says, industry of Chinese spin garment exports the growth that outstrips 20% 6 years continuously, and market of global spin costume year all only 5% is control, china grows quickly to encounter the trade barrier of other country accordingly likely in last few years.

Jiang Zhe still speaks of, the European Union abolishs quota to Chinese textile this year, europe both sides comes to an agreement in to China textile of 8 large categories undertakes quantitative monitoring, among them two categories are exported to Europe first half of the year this year grow to be achieved unexpectedly compared to the same period 250% , the enterprise is exported to answer related vigilant European Union is initiated accordingly likely turn over a dumping. In addition, chinese knitwear is in to global exit forehead this year drop, advocate if unit price is in,drop, this kind of phenomenon appears below the circumstance that rises in all sorts of cost some are unusual, chamber of commerce is investigating among them matter.
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