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Quota next year cancels to China spins look forward to or face global trade barr

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Wang Lei of solicitor of office of Gao Peng's attorney expresses, euramerican adopt counter the dumping, tendency that counters the trade measure such as allowance to have increase, with a few often encounter the industry posture that turns over a dumping to compare, textile still attributes burgeoning trade in returning dumping troop, because involve lawsuit less, spin enterprise still answers experience relative to lack, want what to cause commerce easily to chafe and undertake avoid appropriately alertly, still the enterprise wants to arrange the sale record of good outcome and sale in domestic market at ordinary times, be ready for any eventuality investigation questionnaire can in time fill in to should appeal to when experience turns over a dumping.

Turn over the trade barrier such as the dumping besides avoid outside, the enterprise answers the technical barrier that raises ceaselessly even. The reporter understands, the doorsill of Euramerican market is rising gradually. This year on August 14, american president Bush signs " consumable safety improves proposed law " mention among them, of the in producing a course formaldehyde that commission of safety of American consumer product must develop pair of textile dress inside two years use make evaluate. And the European Union carries out already formally " the enrollment about chemical, evaluate, permissive method " , entering grading to register level now, the manufacturing chemical industry such as this pair of spin swims up and down the enterprise of the product also can produce certain effect.
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