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Spin dress industry: Demand is fatigued and weak bring about exit aggravation

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Move policy to retreating tax rate to go up now actually in August, we ever had done a static state to calculate in the report before, point out " the attune on exit drawback rate will change exit declining tendency, improve company profit condition and promote exit confidence " . But will look by current data, drawback rate rises fail to resist those who export destination demand is fatigued and weak. Look from circumjacent country, same and face the enormous pressure with fatigued and weak demand, like India drawback of its flexibility gauze leads personal general from 7.6% rise 9% , expects flexibility drawback is led from 6.5 on move to the 7.6% outlet pressure that aim to overcome its and face.

Integrated and character, we think of demand of afore-mentioned oneself of 4 big markets gliding is to bring about the main factor that exported aggravation in August, the pressure that and this element is opposite the industry exports relatively factor of early days currency is more obvious. Our oneself reports in the investment September lieutenant general 2008, industry exit was added 2009 fast reduce to 12% with 10% . And prospective exit circumstance still needs farther careful observation.

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