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Deliverance policy publishs eagerly of it may be said of spin garment industry

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"Double rate " reducing the enterprise that perplexes to sufferring financing fully all the time is a benefit good signal, but industry thinks this can't take small and medium sized business cold winter.

Controller of much home small and medium sized business was being accepted yesterday " daily of the first finance and economics " when interviewing, think, deposit reserve is led and synchronism of loan interest rate is reduced, to alleviating small and medium sized business manages pressure especially the action of financing pressure is self-evident. The policy signal that the government moves to be aided to the enterprise is clear with each passing day. "And whether real benefit and enterprise still need wait-and-see. " Guangdong Bao Liya is made the same score in come into leaf of trustee of industrial development limited company think, "Double rate " drop can reduce industry financing cost, but medium and small businesses obtains loan from financial orgnaization hard still is crucial difficult problem.

Wear to assemble the spin garment industry of a large number of medium and small businesses, the company is right of deliverance policy publish eagerly of it may be said. China International commerce learns frugal of world of standing director week to express to our newspaper reporter, the industry such as spin dress solved a large number of obtain employment, the signal dispute that at present the country releases often takes the labor such as spin dress seriously concentrated model the difficulty that the industry encounters, can publish a series of policy to give aid to in succession industrial transition, and loosening loan is among them an important step.

Be in the Guangdong that economy of medium and small businesses developeds, a when should save near future of bureau of medium and small businesses to announce about " grow model medium and small businesses " the investigation report of financing state thinks, financing is difficult the bottleneck that still is development of medium and small businesses. The data that comes from bureau of Guangdong silver-colored inspect shows, up to by 2007, guangdong small company awards letter door number to be 84023, it is complete province only unit of civilian battalion economy 2.41% 3.475 million. And loan remaining sum is shown considerably downtrend, small company loan occupies 3 kinds of orgnaizations only 3.34% of each loan amount, drop than the beginning of the year 8.22 percent. Credit of this kind of medium and small businesses puts in downtrend to still be in first half of the year this year continuance.

"Our enterprise has certain dimensions, because have workshop and machine mortgage, obtain loan more easily from the bank relatively, and all round a few small and medium sized business obtain loan very hard. " express to our newspaper reporter south dawn of week of vise general manager of limited company of imports and exports of peaceful wave Dunhuang, "Double rate " adjust have after all how old drive action to still remain to observe. Zhou Shijian suggests the country establishs management board of special medium and small businesses, mix from policy, capital groom tripartite face gives aid to.
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