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"3 get together cyanogen amine " the influence to spin dress

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Recently, of 3 deer milk powder accept contaminative event, astonished compatriots, have the parents of darling especially, the baby that affecting to accept this event unfortunately people regretful while, more anxiety-ridden, whether does the darling of afraid oneself also get the influence of certain level.

This incident is to point to, edible contain a large number of 3 get together the infant of the 3 deer milk powder of cyanogen amine, produced kidney stone disease.

In Baidu, right 3 get together the explanation of cyanogen amine is such: 3 get together cyanogen amine character is crystal of arris of pure white monocline, insipidity, it is the semifinished product of basic and organic chemical industry with a kind of extensive use, the mainest use is to serve as production 3 get together colophony of cyanogen amine formaldehyde (the raw material of MF) . 3 get together cyanogen amine still can make cleaner of the fire retardant, agent that decrease water, formaldehyde wait. This colophony hardness is taller than Niao aldehyde colophony, not combustible, be able to bear or endure water, heat-resisting, be able to bear or endure ageing, be able to bear or endure electric arc, be able to bear or endure chemistry is corroded, have good insulation property, glossiness and mechanical strength, handle the Yu Mu material, plastic, coating, papermaking, spin, leather, electric, trade such as medicine extensively. Its are main utility has the following sides:

(1) decorates face plate: Can make the layer pressing plate of fire prevention, aseismatic, heat-resisting, colour and lustre is bright-coloured, solid the outfit plaque of heat-resisting, the sticks face plate and fire prevention, aseismatic, heat-resisting building that makes plane, shipping and furniture decorates material.

(2) coating: After be being changed with aether of Ding Chun, methanol, the glue couplet agent that regards high heat as coating of solid sex coating, solid, can make metallic coating and car, electric equipment decorate lacquer with high-grade and amino colophony.

(3) moulding pink: Via mixing refine, build the working procedure such as bead to be able to make Cheng Mi amine is plastic, excessive, fight corrupt, good electric performance still can maintain when moisture, can make whiteness, be able to bear or endure the daily expense household utensils of beat, wholesome clean is provided and copy china dinner service, the advanced insulating material such as wiring.

(4) paper: After be being changed with ether aether, can use as paper inorganic agent, production is fought knit, fight shrink, the high-quality paper such as not cankered money and map of for military use.

(5) 3 get together ester of tree of cyanogen amine formaldehyde and other raw material are mixed match, still can produce a fabric to arrange agent of agent, leather tan embellish, glazing agent and adhesive of the agent that fight water, balata, support combustion agent, efficient cement decreases agent of desalt of water agent, rolled steel to wait.
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