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Traditional industry: Embedded transition new gene

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On September 11, zhao Jiang of dean of academy of Chinese spin science entered Na Fei's regular air service again.

In July 2005, zhao Jiang personally key laboratory of clappers general academy -- acquire whole technology center, take even the person facility, moved carry on to promote from Beijing. This, there is item of industrialization of 4 large spins in his hand, investment ground still is chosen promote in carry on.

If say, peking Man uses test and verify of 3 years of time the development prospect that carry on begins spin, korean Jin Nayuan does a decision to want relaxed a lot of. "Be the confidence of pair of Chinese spin foreground, how-to I come to here. " the flourishing China outside pointing to a window spins urban situation gently, er of this Korea head (Zhejiang) pattern art designs central director to say, "I can be promoted in carry on work 10 years, 20 years, slow-witted all the time go down. "

The RMB appreciates, labor cost rises, raw material rises... 2008, the carry on that is a delegate with textile promotes traditional industry " cold current " emerge everywhere move. But at the same time, what also be like a wonderful film is prelusive, superimposition is worn a lot of meaningful segments. These setting are being accompanied " transition upgrades " of big screen pull open, your person is full of daydream and expect.

Embedded fortune new gene

Jin Nayuan is in China to oneself of long profession career expect, come from the confidence that grows at promoting spin originality industry to carry on. "What is originality? Originality is fortune! " he says.

Start company of introduced first spin originality as carry on, jin Nayuan and his China person of the same trade had revealed the glamour of this fortune new gene to cloth bosses: Average gross profit has 0.5 yuan only / the grey of rice, after the variety that adds international popularity via them designs an element, gross profit raised 10 yuan / rice, it is 20 times original.

But this experienced Korea spin of period of at the height of power and splendour achieve stylist formerly, scriptural to oneself price still dissatisfactory, the international work that they just held is exhibited sell on the meeting, american stylist every work price 5600 yuan of RMBs, japanese stylist sells 250 dollars every, and they at ordinary times every work sells 1000 yuan of RMBs only. "You can see, the fortune space that carry on promotes spin originality industry has how old. " he says to the reporter.

This fortune space is being opened in fact. This year in August, "Make internationally spin originality center " model of written characters, was written to enter carry on to allow the document of prefectural government first. An association self-discipline, administration is participated in, judicatory protects " Trinitarian " intellectual property protects a system, begin to spin a city gently in China " try water " . "Management department already received mercer at present people about a hundred original creative work is tasted, via the fabrics pattern that counterpoises truly, will enjoy art work equal protection counterpoises, time can be as long as 50 years. " spin city building gently to be in charge of appoint director Zhou Rusheng says.
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