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Traditional industry: Embedded transition new gene

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Make - commerce - the spin industry route chart of originality, draw the outline of what carry on promotes traditional industry racily to upgrade orbit. In Sheng city cravat, all and the traditional industry group such as course of study of umbrella of mansion of pearl of the lake below hose line of business, hill, lofty, such trochoid all the more is bright, they are pointed to jointly " riant curve " two end.

Anxiety lofty mansion is pressed down on, produce per year 380 million umbrellas many 1200 umbrella industry employer, suddenly depressed discovery, light relies on to sold umbrella to had not sent big money, because very few somebody likes,for this kind of function onefold articles for daily use pays high price. They improve the product on him product line day and night, try to be searched from which piece keep out wind and rain the new function besides.
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