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Shenzhen model line of business is small upright predicament is waited for broke

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Liu Junfu of general manager of model limited company is opposite rain of banana of city of one of model companies with the earliest Shenzhen, Shenzhen the reporter says: "Shenzhen is the treasure ground of model, because Shenzhen goes every year beautiful,measure very big. " he estimates, the dress show with annual Shenzhen, exhibit all sorts of meeting, activities to add up won't under 300. When beautiful field is concentrated, their model via often can feeling Shenzhen " use not quite, optional model is too little " . Allegedly, every year model of a lot of inland comes deep development, new model people can be here " thrive " .
Limited company of broker of model of Dong Yang century performs Shenzhen art this paragraph of time compares chief inspector Xiaoliu busy. The Dong Yang century that she is in is current in company of Shenzhen major model " the quantity that receive work " one of the biggest companies, annual only dress show goes to 90 in 70 between, in addition all sorts of beautiful field that still include 50 other types.
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