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4 big factors affect dress of our country spin to export

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Outlet of clothing of our country spin shows afore-mentioned characteristics first half of the year this year, basically suffer the following the combined influence of 4 respects element:

It is industry of garment of our country spin eastwards the circumjacent country such as alliance (area) outside change trend is clear. At present price of our country labour force already rose significantly, 38% of the circumjacent country such as India, Pakistan and Vietnam. This part country and area are in with cheaper labor cost advantage, pushing the overseas market share that holds our country dry goods while, also increased industry of garment of our country spin to its large-scale migratory tendency. The China that sets a plant to Kampuchea investment currently spins look forward to to already exceeded 400, to the close also a hunderd schools of Bangladesh. As a result of east productivity of dress of allied country home develops first, but technical content furnishs relative to taller upriver spin fabrics ability is limited still, need to be imported from our country in great quantities. This year first half of the year, our country is right east yarn of alliance exit spin, fabric and goods 3.56 billion dollar, grow 41.4% considerably, and dress exports 1.53 billion dollar only, drop 18.5% . According to the 103rd wide make meeting news, the foreign amount of spin house is far little this year at in former years, clinch a deal the forehead also drops considerably, effect of the change outside dress treatment link is very apparent already.
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