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Spin dress: Channel of sale in domestic market and technology make fast growth

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8 years first half of the year, spin dress appears on the market 58 times the company realizes business income forty-two billion six hundred and twenty-one million yuan, grow 13.12% compared to the same period; Implementation profit total 4.829 billion yuan, net profit 2.674 billion yuan, grow compared to the same period respectively 26.74% with 36.40% . The enterprise income tax since 8 years January 1 is led by 33% reduce to 25% , it is net profit adds total of profit of fast prep above fast main reason. The integrated gross profit of 58 companies is led first half of the year 20.76% , increase 2.5 percent compared to the same period, net assets yield comes by 4.47% promotion 4.99% , gain ability relatively the corresponding period promoted somewhat last year.
1.2. Child industry plight disparate
Spin and dress kind company condition is disparate. Drive in what domestic consumption warms up, 22 companies complete dress course of study first half of the year sales revenue nineteen billion and sixty-three million yuan, grow 36% compared to the same period; Textile 36 companies sales revenue twenty-three billion five hundred and fifty-eight million yuan, drop compared to the same period 0.44% . From the point of gain ability, dress kind the wool interest rate of the company comes by 26.82% promotion 30.75% , the wool interest rate of textile company criterion by 13.20% drop to 12.67% . Difference pulls the wool interest rate of two industries to come greatly further 18.08 percent.
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